What Happens To Your Broken Car Once You Sell It For Recycling?
What Happens To Your Broken Car Once You Sell It For Recycling?
What Happens To Your Broken Car Once You Sell It For Recycling?

What Happens To Your Broken Car Once You Sell It For Recycling?

The junk car that has been taking up space on your property for years is ready. It is damaged beyond repair. Thus it would be better off at auto wreckers in Calgary or elsewhere, where it can be recycled and turned into cash. You decide to scrap vehicles for cash after researching reliable car removal for cash near you in your neighborhood. But before junk car removal, what happens to your cherished trash car?

Recycle Process

In some cases, scrap vehicles for cash can produce several reusable components. These could all still be useful to someone else shopping for spare parts.

Auto wreckers in Calgary or elsewhere recycle vehicles by adhering to a complex procedure that guarantees all salvageable parts are salvaged, and all non-recyclable elements are appropriately recycled. The proper disposal of substances and fluids that cannot be reused or recycled is also a part of this procedure.


Wheels and tires are taken off of the vehicles that auto wreckers recycle. Even if a car’s engine or chassis has failed and been demolished, the tires may still be reasonably new and have lots of treads left. Used tires and wheels are a practical and affordable solution for current car owners.

Catalytic Converter

This is the exhaust emission control device that aids in the reduction of contaminants in exhaust fumes from vehicles. They can be expensive to replace when they need to be utilized in vehicles with internal combustion engines (such as gasoline or diesel).


If the battery still has enough juice, the car wrecking team will remove and recycle it. Car batteries are a component that is frequently changed. A battery from a scrapped car can still be in good condition; reusing it will benefit other drivers.


Cars need a wide range of fluids, including petrol, engine coolant, engine oil, gearbox fluids, windscreen wiper fluid, and air conditioning refrigerant. All of these fluids will be drained from the car as part of the disassembly procedure by car wreckers.

Electric Components

Modern cars have many valuable electronic components, and replacing them can be pricey. Starter motors, electronic modules, alternators, and entertainment systems will all be taken out by auto wreckers.

Transmission And Engine

A car wrecker may occasionally be able to disassemble and reuse whole engines or transmissions. These substantial mechanical components may still be valuable, depending on the state of the demolished car. These parts can either be sold as-is or submitted to a remanufacturer for repair. This is how you can get cash for junk cars in Calgary or elsewhere.

Hazardous Materials

Car wreckers carefully disassemble cars and take extra precautions to dispose of dangerous items safely. Mercury, an example of dangerous material, can be found in anti-lock brake systems, screens, high-intensity headlamps, or hood-mounted light switches. Sodium azide, the fuel used in airbags, is another toxic substance frequently found in abandoned autos.

Rest Of The Car

The vehicle shell is treated further once all the still-functional parts, electronics, and fluids have been removed. The auto wreckers will remove the wiring, heating and air conditioning systems, harnesses, and other leftover parts.

The leftover shell will typically be crushed flat or into cubes once it is spotless. As a result, moving several junk automobiles to their new location is made simpler.

Any remaining glass, rubber, or plastic from the vehicles will be removed in this machine, which could be an industrial shredder or hammer mill. The car will be crushed into tiny pieces before being sent to a steel plant for recycling.


The car wrecking industry is highly significant and beneficial to people and the environment. First and foremost, automobile wreckers aid in recycling steel and conserving natural resources and energy. Steel recycling is more affordable and energy efficient than producing new steel. Car wreckers also assist in preventing massive quantities of scrap metal from entering landfills and instead assist in its beneficial recirculation.

Junk car removal is very crucial for drivers because they source many essential, inexpensive spare components. Regarding car maintenance, buying refurbished replacement components can be pretty cost-effective.