Safe days Calculator to avoid pregnancy
Safe days Calculator to avoid pregnancy
If you want to have sex, but don’t wish to get pregnant, use Sprint Medical’s safe days calculator. it’s free and easy to use.

Safe days are those days during the woman's menstrual cycle with the least chance of women getting pregnant. In Safe days of the menstrual cycle, there is no egg available for fertilization in a woman's body. Thus having sex is completely safe because even if sperm reaches the fallopian tube, it won't encounter any egg.


Menstrual cycle chemistry and mechanism are not onerous things. It has been identified accurately, and one can easily spot the most fertile and infertile days during the menstrual cycle. But before that, you need to understand the complete menstrual cycle process.


Phases of the menstrual cycle

The normal menstrual cycle is 28 days though this may vary in different women. The distinctly menstrual cycle can be divided into three phases: pre-, ovulation, and post ovulation. But these phases have been given different names.


1) Follicular phase

After the previous period, the body prepares to release the next ovum from the ovary in the uterus. This phase is called the pre-ovulation phase. Follicle-stimulating hormone ( FSH) and estrogen hormone cause the changes in the uterus during this phase. The wall lining the uterus gets thickened during this phase. This phase, as well as sex during the period, is safe. But in women having a shorter menstrual cycle, this isn't a much safer time.


2)Ovulation phase

This is the phase where ovulation, that is, the release of one egg from the ovum to the uterus, occurs. 


Five days before and three days after the day of ovulation is known as the ovulation phase. There are the highest chances of getting pregnant during these days. So to avoid pregnancy in this period, you should use contraceptives as without that, there are high chances to conceive.


3) Secretary or luteal phase

In this phase, the egg degenerates as it hasn't been fertilized. The Corpus luteum, a hormone-releasing endocrine structure, develops inside the ovary and signals the secretory phase. A woman has only once during the ovulation phase. Two days before ovulation and after the population has the highest chances of getting pregnant. Ovum survives for 24 hours while sperm can survive for 7 days. Consider these points also while calculating safe days.


There are certain physical changes in the female body at the time of ovulation. 

There are certain physical changes in the female body when she ovulates. This will tell you to avoid sex during that period.

1. Breast pain, tenderness, soreness for changes in hormone level.

2. Vaginal discharge or cervical mucus creation becomes thin and transparent.

3. Cramp and ache in the pelvic region or vaginal region.

4. Sometimes light spotting can be observed.

5. You feel more urge to have sex. This is because ovulation has a natural tendency for evolution, resulting in sexual arousal in women.

How can Safe day's calculator help you to calculate safe days?

The safe day's calculator will ask you for all the information regarding your periods. How long does the bleeding last during your periods? Regularity of period. What's the duration between the two inspiration periods? Based on this information, it will calculate the safest days for you and give you alerts to have sex on the safest days so that you can be safe without worrying about pregnancy and baby.