An ultimate guide to Day Trading
An ultimate guide to Day Trading
Ever wondered what day trading commodities are and how they differ from traditional trading? Read this article to learn day trading online.

Ever wondered what day trading commodities are and how they differ from traditional trading? Read this article to learn day trading online.


Day trading commodities are standardized and interchangeable resources used to make goods. Gold, silver, crude oil, natural gas, pulses, and grains are an example of commodities.

Day trading commodities give you ideal opportunities to make profits and grow your portfolio. Day trading futures are a little complex to understand, but you can gain a lot from them after gaining complete knowledge. A trader should perfect their art of trading in one or two assets. If a trader tries to invest in all kinds of assets, he will not be able to make a sound trading decision and will end up making huge losses. So if you want to invest in day trading commodities, you must learn day trading online and make smarter investment decisions based on your experience and learning.

Why should you trade in day trading commodities?

1) Volatility

The commodities market is quite volatile. It favors traders by opening ample opportunities to make profits through price fluctuations.

2) Protective hedging

Unpredictable risks like natural disasters and economic crises adversely affect the economy. Due to inflation, the currency loses its purchasing power. So day trading commodities that tend to rise in this period provide a protective hedge against inflation.

3) Flexible trading

Commodities market are open for almost the entire week, allowing traders to trade according to their convenience.

Few things you must consider while trading in commodities as a beginner:

1) Focus on one or two commodities

There are more than 20 commodities available for trading today. Even to trade in a single commodity, you need to learn day trading online and understand the dynamics of the market. As a beginner, it is advisable to enter a which is high in demand. Enough liquidity will help you enter and exit the trade whenever you wish.

2) Strategy Set up

It will help if you start by identifying technical indicators to analyze day trading commodities. It would help if you never made a strategy in a hurry. You must test the strategy and make necessary changes accordingly. There are four main ways to invest in commodities. You can purchase the original item and store it or buy the futures listed in the commodity exchange—Trade in ETFs of day trading commodities or underlying companies producing the commodities.

3) Short-term trading

As a beginner, you must avoid holding commodities for a long time. The simple reason behind short-term trading is price fluctuations. While making any financial decision, consider trends as your best friend. When you identify a trend, using a 20-day high or low will be helpful.

4) Research about export and import of countries

Traders must assess the import and export number of countries as it significantly impacts the price movements in the market. Different types of companies produce various kinds of commodities to sustain their economy. Some commodity prices are influenced by seasonality, so it is crucial to understand the correlation of price movement with an import-export number.


Day trading commodities provides a vast amount of opportunities to make money. To grab these opportunities, you must know the day trading future. So enroll with us to commodity trading training and learn day trading online. Commodities university provides you with the best online learning opportunities.

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