Get the Best ESV222N02YMC Automation Machine Online
Get the Best ESV222N02YMC Automation Machine Online
ESV222N02YMC - SMV SERIES SENSORLESS VECTOR 3HP / 240V, 1/3PH(i/p) / 230V, 3PH(o/p) / 9.6A(o/p) Cont. / NEMA4X c/w DISCONNECT (Frame AD1), LENZE

Get the Best ESV222N02YMC Automation Machine Online

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• Features :

Dynamic Torque Response
Two Independent Accel Ramps and two Independent Decel Ramps
Linear, S-Type, Auxiliary Ramp-to-Stop
Fixed Accel Boost for Improved Starting
500 Hz Output Frequency (1,000 Hz Optional)
• Switching Frequency :
4, 6, 8, 10,12 or 16 kHz
• Universal Logic Assertion (Selectable):
Positive or Negative Logic Input
• Braking Functions :
DC Injection Braking
Optional Regenerative Braking
Over Temperature Protection
• Speed Commands :
Floating Point Control & 8 Preset Speeds
Voltage: Scalable 0 - 10 VDC
Current: Scalable 4 - 20 mA
• Process Control :
PID Modes: Direct and Reverse Acting, sleep mode
• Voltage Monitoring :
High - Low DC Bus V Protection
Low Line V Compensation
• Current Monitoring :
Motor Overload Protection
Current Limiting Safeguard
Phase Loss Protection
Ground Fault
Short Circuit Protection
• Loss of Follower Management :
Protective Fault
Go to Preset Speed or Preset Setpoint
Initiate System Notification

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