Voiro Accelerates CFO Goals - As a Revenue Analytics Product Suite
Voiro Accelerates CFO Goals - As a Revenue Analytics Product Suite
Read Voiro’s analysis on why your CFO is the cross-functional digital innovator crucial for becoming a data-first organisation.

Ever since COVID changed the world, the incremental need of being agile and easily discoverable online has made “Digital Transformation and Change Management” a more popular term than ever before.

The companies who embrace this transformation thrive because they adapt, pivot, and grow by transforming their teams, products, and business models into a digital-first world. Every publisher in the digital advertising industry is on a journey to leverage the explosion of consumers online. This means that the interactions between multiple verticals such as marketing, sales, customer service, finance, and support have converged online. This convergence demands transformation across the organization, not just the transformation of a few business functions. Only then can organizations genuinely understand customer behavior in great depth.

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The CFO And The Finance Teams Are Central To All Information, Revenue Flows And The Success Of a Company.

A TCS 2020 CFO Study highlights the fact that 58% of CFOs believe they play a significant role in driving digital change.

This is because the CFO and the finance teams are central to all information, revenue flows, and company success. The cohesion of every relevant vertical makes it ideal for measuring business functions on metrics of success that bring revenue.

CFOs have the broadest and deepest visibility into a company’s data and infrastructure. This real-time understanding of revenue efficiency, customer growth or churn, and profitability flowing in from marketing, sales, and customer service is what drives revenue.

Voiro is a revenue analytics product suite for content-led companies; our product suite helps media companies unlock a data-driven approach to accelerating revenue.

Our mission is to accelerate every media company to be data-first.

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