Top 10 Animated Website Design Ideas and Inspiration
Top 10 Animated Website Design Ideas and Inspiration
Here are some popular web designs with impressive animations that will inspire you in making your website a delight for your clients.

The website of the company act as the brand ambassador of the company. Throughout the years, the website designs have evolved immensely, from plain with less focus on user interaction to high-quality and exceptional animations that take the user experience to another level. An excellent interactive website plays a vital role in attracting customers and staying on the website longer. Keeping this in mind, here are some popular web design inspiration sites with impressive animations that will inspire you in making your website a delight for your clients.

Les Animal's Transitional Animation for Web Design Inspiration

While designing a website with animations, if done right, it will help elevate the credibility of the brand; hence there is no other time like today to choose a web design company that will help you fulfill your requirements. You can get inspiration from the website of Les Animal, a digital creative studio based out of France, how the web designer has beautifully used transitional animations, the smooth flow from one frame to another gives the website an innovative look.  


60FPS's Interactive Web Design Inspiration

60FPS is another France-based Digital creative agency whose website will give you inspiration for your business website. The home page is genuinely classy with a black background and on that rippling silver and gold logo of the agency. The logo on the website page responds to the movement of your mouse. In order to navigate through the website, there is a scroll button on the bottom right side of the page, which is quite a clever idea rather than keeping a dropdown. So, it is time to invest in a good web designing agency near you to get the best interactive website for your offerings.


Enticing Animation Inspiration from 1Minus1

Once you go through the 1Minus1, you will immediately feel the need to find a web designer who will help you build your online presence through an impressive web design. You will be able to see interesting animations on this website, which are more visible when you scroll or hover on the various elements in the website. The website also shows how to use the images and typography elegantly. The thumbnails serve the purpose of attracting visitors to explore the website further.


Elegant Website Gallery in Limnia

One of the things that most entrepreneurs neglect is to enhance their website gallery. A website gallery is an important page of the website which provides visitors with a glimpse of your product and services. One look at the gallery of Limina will surely give you an inspiration of how the website gallery can be. The aesthetically shot photos focus on the product, and the light background enhances the product image.


Web Design Inspiration for Children Website

Teatr Lalka is one of the best website design inspirations for a children's website. The website reacts to the movement of the mouse; on the home page, if you move your mouse to the right, the puppets on the right move and vice versa. The timelines shown on this website are quite attractive, with actual photos and short descriptions. In addition, the web designer has used animations and interactive characters throughout the website, making it fun and interactive.


Use of the Brand Colours in a Website

Looking for a web design inspiration to use the brand colors, then explore the Nfq Group website. The Nfq group is an international service company specializing in data, technology, value chain business, and process consulting services. Across the website, you will notice the use of blue, orange, and red, the brand colors of the Nfq group. These colors seamlessly blend with the content of the website. In addition, each section of the services offered by the company is shown with simple animations, thereby elevating the whole look of the web design.


Website Gallery of Professionals

Dean Bradshaw's website is one of THE best websites that will give you inspiration on how a website gallery should be on a website. The homepage itself takes you to the collection of recent work. Beautifully shot images will surely captivate your attention. One more thing you will notice is the way the cursor changes from a tiny dot to a circle when you place it on any image or section. So don't wait and select a web designing agency that will help you make your website captivating like this one.


Web Design Inspiration for Horizontal Scrolls

Make your website cut above the rest; try to use the horizontal scroll used by Polygon Design, a firm that curates and designs furnishing and homeware products. The website design is such that you have to scroll through their products horizontally and simultaneously explore or purchase the products displayed on the website. Also, whenever you hover on the explore now or shop now button, you will see a flash of light covering the screen. Call your web designer now to incorporate such cool animation on your website.


Elegant and Simple Web Design Inspiration

Seeking a simple and elegant web design, visit the interior designing company Pelizzari Design's website to get some ideas. On each page, you will see an effortless use of content and high-quality images that make the navigation through the website a delightful experience. The content of the website is also to the point and easy to understand.


Artistically Inclined Web Design Inspiration

For people who are into arts and music, the Because Recollection is the website to check out for getting some imaginative ideas. One of the unique features of the website, apart from the creative animation, is that you only have to hold a spacebar to listen to the next artist. You can also discover the artist by clicking on the song title it is playing.

Irrespective of the product and services you are offering to your customer, it is always an added advantage to use some form of animation on your website that will help you in increasing your online presence. So don't wait and call an experienced web designing agency near you.