Will Metaverse Play A Major Role In Shaping The Post Pandemic World?
Will Metaverse Play A Major Role In Shaping The Post Pandemic World?
Metaverse Market By Platform (Mobile, Desktop), By Component (Software, Hardware), By Technology, By Offerings, By Application, By End-use, and By Region Forecast to 2028

We've long been captivated by cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and blockchain technologies in the IT sector, but a lot has happened in the previous eighteen months as the world battled the pandemic. These innovations were adopted faster than we could have predicted, as they assisted in overcoming the various obstacles caused by the pandemic.

Metaverse is one such innovation that has become the latest buzzword. The idea is to develop a virtual area that connects the physical and digital worlds to improve both experiences. Technologists are already speculating on how the metaverse might alter everything we do, from gaming to buying to attending concerts to performing surgery.

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Web 3.0, often known as the 3-D Web, is one of the most convincing examples of the metaverse. This innovation, combined with advances in extended reality (XR) — which combines augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality to create a variety of digital and physical experiences — enables the creation of digital twins, which can be used to create spatial views of cities, buildings, convention centres, homes, and other structures for more efficient planning and design execution.

A lot of this is already in use in some capacity. Thanks to metaverse enterprises like Matterport and VPIX360, real estate and architecture firms offered virtual views throughout the epidemic, resulting in a surge in sales in that industry. In an innovative approach, the government and the IT sector have combined to "make Smart Cities even smarter." According to Reports and Data, the metaverse market will register a CAGR of 44.1% over 2021-2028, reaching USD 872.35 billion by 2028.

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The metaverse could transform how people return to work after a pandemic thanks to Web 3.0 technology like these. Some people will continue their professional lives on the internet. Some employees will return to work on-site. These journeys could be combined in the metaverse to create a truly immersive experience.

The Industrial Revolution 5.0 could be born out of the convergence of these technologies. It has the potential to reshape our culture, society, and economy. We're going to enter an era in which individuals reclaim control, disrupt Big Tech's and the government's grip over information, and, perhaps, give us the purest sense of liberty.

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