How To Build A Video Streaming App Like Twitch?
How To Build A Video Streaming App Like Twitch?
A streaming mobile app can help you entertain, stream events like webinars, meetings, school lessons, etc

Twitch is one of the successful platforms with monthly visits of 350-550 million from all over the world. If you are planning to build a video-streaming app like Twitch, then you need to follow some tips to avoid the pitfalls and get everything right.

If you are thinking of investing in video streaming app like Twitch, then read on to know the important aspects related to Twitch and the video-streaming app.

What Exactly Is Twitch and How It Functions?

Twitch is an entertaining online streaming platform that allows users to watch and telecast pre-recorded or live videos.

You may have seen broadcasting videos posted by players. Yes, they include audio comments through a webcam that appears right at the screen’s corner.

This platform also has users that interact with gamers in live chat with similar interests. Through this chatting, live experience and connections are built-in virtual zone.

Twitch is not just used for video game streaming but also for other events/purposes like :

  • Hosting of e-tournaments and demos for scheduled games.

  • Users use Twitch to post video game tutorials wherein the users can communicate in a group and the instructor live

  • Twitch also acts as a platform for software development learning wherein users in communities stream projects related to programming while discussing their project details.

Innovative Features of Twitch Application

Some of the innovative features that Twitch owns to increase user engagement are given below. These features are essential for any On-Demand Video Streaming App Development.

1. Onboarding

This feature helps users to get a comprehensive onboarding experience. Here it elaborates on app functionalities, navigational controls, and features. Make sure you create limited slides while creating onboarding content so that they move smoothly.

2. User Registration or Login


Well, this feature needs to be managed well during the video streaming mobile app development process as it allows users to create accounts on your app.

This feature helps users register through a form or by using their social media accounts. Make sure the feature includes a simple and fast registration process.

3. Video Library

While creating a video-streaming app like Twitch, you need to have a complete video library. It allows the users to browse through the content and watch their preferred video. Make sure that the video library should be equipped with easy search and navigation options.

4. Live-streaming

Without any doubt, it is one of the most vital features for on-demand video streaming app development like Twitch. This feature helps the users to engage in live-streaming their favorite content. Your app should facilitate seamless streaming to reach a wider user base.

To offer a premium and smooth video streaming facility, you can integrate RTMP as it works with slow connections too.

5. Instant Chat

Instant Chat plays a crucial role in connecting the viewers and the gamers or content owners. Most users like instant chat as it helps them do a lot of activities online like ask questions, share feedback, support the content creator they like. Using a third-party chat solution in your app for instant chat features can be the perfect option.

6. Watch Lists

This feature helps include a section that comprises recommended and favorite content for the users.

This list portrays the content extracted based on users’ preferences to match their individual choice. The features offer a personalized experience to the users and help them browse the content they like.

7. Cloud-Based DVR

This feature helps users to record their favorite shows through their app and then stream the content live. The platforms used by Twitch to provide this service to the subscribers are – Velocix origin and Cisco infinite. You can also include these vendors to offer Cloud-based DVR servers to the subscribers.

8. Search Bar

The search bar allows the users to search a particular category or genre of content. So, you need to integrate robust search algorithms to make sure the content search can be carried out flawlessly.

9. Video Categorization Automated

When it comes to video categorization, you can utilize Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to create an automatic video categorization function.

ML will allow preventing copyright breach incidences. On the other hand, AI can identify distinct genres and user preferences based on their activities to provide individualized content.

10. Monetization

Having a monetization feature is crucial for any app. Well, Twitch also has an in-built payment system that helps the subscribers make payments, view premium content, make donations, and buy merchandise. So, it is necessary to include multiple payment methods along with a secure payment gateway to provide a flawless payment system to the users.

11. Screen Mirroring


This feature helps users to cast the content via Smartphone to bigger screens like projectors or smart TV etc using Wi-Fi.

How To Build A Live Video-Streaming App Similar To Twitch

Let us learn about the steps involved in video streaming app development :

  1. Identify the business goal

  2. List the requirements

  3. Select the Tech stack

  4. Plan the Design

  5. Go ahead with the development process

  6. Testing

Once you launch your video streaming platform do not forget to get feedback from the users. It will help you determine the features to be included later.

How much it would cost to build an app like Twitch?

The live streaming app development cost depends on several factors like

  • Development process

  • UX/UI design complexity

  • Features integrated into your app

  • Back-end setup and many more

The approximate cost also depends on the number of developers working on your project. To know the total cost you can consult a mobile app development company.

If you are looking for an experienced OTT App Development Company to create an app like Twitch, Apps on Demand can assist you with custom as well as white label app development.


Twitch-like video streaming apps are becoming popular as they help people with similar interests connect under one roof. Looking at the growing popularity of such apps, you can integrate live streaming not just for gaming but also in various other sectors like education, sports, healthcare, etc. You can leverage from live streaming concept for many more years to come.

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