Why Choosing The Right Running Socks Is Crucial For Your Performance
Why Choosing The Right Running Socks Is Crucial For Your Performance
The running socks have the same importance as to running shoes. Failing to get the right running socks will be an injustice not only to the shoes itself but to the feet and the overall performance as well.

Why Choosing The Right Running Socks Is Crucial For Your Performance

Aside from the injuries the feet can get from not using the suitable running socks, there are other reasons why this is an essential matter to consider for every performance. This article will discuss some of the importance of being particular on custom socks to use.

1. Running socks are not your ordinary socks.

Running socks are entirely different from the usual socks. The turning point for its development is its blister-resistant feature. Its two-layer fabric absorbs friction and takes away the moisture that causes the risk of blisters.

2. It has enhanced padding technology.

The cushioning of running socks is another thing that can surely enjoy by its users. Different brands have different levels of branding, but the concept is all the same. Its cushion technology is located in the heel and toe areas, and this gives the runner better protection because it has the dispersing effects that happen normally on the mentioned parts. Moreover, it’s fit guarantees comfort, unlike other socks that cannot be fitted because of either overly thin or thick socks.

3. It guarantees the all-natural type of fiber material.

High-quality natural fibers like the merino wool are great especially for running socks because they are anti-bacterial which prevents the foot to have conditions like athlete’s foot, also they are breathable so it never leaves the foot stinking and soaking from sweat. Also, the polyester and nylon fibers contribute to the comfort and relaxing feeling of using running socks plus they are far more durable than cotton.

4. Running socks are good in compression.

Another distinct feature about running socks is that they are intended in gently constricting the muscles which aids in better circulation of the blood, lessening tiredness, and boosting the length of recovery for faster and longer running time. That is the reason why it is always knee-length.

5. It provides support.

Besides saving the feet from blisters and other injuries, running socks also give support to some areas of the foot like the ankles which is an advantage for better and more comfortable performance.

How to Choose the Right Running Socks

In selecting the right running socks, being particular and meticulous is needed. Aside from the tendency of getting fake and imitated socks, there are different types and brands of running socks and it is important to get what is needed. Here are some of the things that need to look out for:


Running socks are all made to make the feet dry and comfortable, that is why it’s essential to check if its less chafed.


The thickness or thinness of the running socks should depend on where it is going to be used. Remember, however, that the thickness of the socks can affect the receptivity of the running shoes that will be using.

The right and left

Running socks are just like any other paired things. They are designed for the right and left feet. And both should provide great comfort and fit.


There are running socks that have reflective features which makes it perfect for low light to dim conditions while running.