How Much It Would Cost To Develop An App Similar To Glovo?
How Much It Would Cost To Develop An App Similar To Glovo?
Read here how to develop an On-demand multi delivery app like glovo which lets you buy and pick up almost any product within your city.

It has been a while that on-demand delivery services are trending and we are using them often. Well, with each passing year these services are getting advanced. Some of the on-demand delivery apps like Glovo, Deliveroo, GrubHub, and UberEats are contributing to the user-specific economy.

What Is Glovo App All About?

It is an app that lets you buy and pick up almost any product within your city. The app operates in around 26 countries and nearly 200 cities.

Glovo is not just a successful venture that relates to on-demand food delivery app development, but it also serves many other things apart from food. It means you can order almost anything and get it delivered through Glovo.

Interesting Facts about Glovo App

Talking about the story behind the successful delivery apps is interesting and inspiring. For example, Glovo is an on-demand delivery start-up started by 27 years old Spanish entrepreneur Oscar Pierre. Interestingly, the Glove app attained more than 30 million downloads in just 5 years.

Glove earns 70 to 75% of overall business revenue through the commission model. The app earned by charging commission to their partner stores coming from different cities. Therefore, it turned out to be the main revenue stream for Glovo. Also, this model helps the app become affordable and convenient for the targeted users. Today, Oscar owns a successful readymade food delivery app development.

The success behind the Glovo app inspires a lot of entrepreneurs to launch an app like Glovo to resolve the issues of the potential audience.

Certainly, the above interesting facts are inspiring for many people and this raises some questions in their minds.

This blog would help you know how much it costs to develop an app similar to Glovo.

Collaborating with local vendors on a commission basis helps them to provide service faster and at a cost-effective price. It attracts more customers to the app helping them turn into loyal customers.

Certainly, an investment is required for every business to fetch profits. So, let us know about the cost incurred to develop on-demand delivery apps like Glovo.

Cost to build an On-Demand Delivery App like Glovo

A mobile app development company needs to specify the fact that app development costs depend on multiple factors. The project manager in the team can help you get the estimated cost based on your app requirements.

On the other hand, once you know about the factors that can influence the cost to create an app similar to Glovo, you can take better decisions. These factors comprise of :

  • App platforms

  • Features and functionality

  • Development team

  • Location of the development team

Now, let us get more information on each element that influences the cost for app development like Glovo.

Features and Functionality

Every feature included in the app takes a certain amount of time to be developed. The time taken directly affects the development cost. Also, if the software developers charge on an hourly basis the cost depends on the number of hours taken to build a particular feature. It means the more features included in your app, the higher the cost would be.

Now, let us know about the different features included in the overall functioning of the app. If you are planning for a similar app, you can consider the following features.


Here, Glovo lets users register using their Facebook account or an email id

Feed-in the location

Once the user signs in, the user is asked to key in the location to show appropriate offers for the user. The users are allowed to add multiple locations too.

My information

In this section, the user can add & edit his/her details such as phone number, name, payment methods, password, and fetch invoice information.

Order Anything

This feature of the Glovo app lets users search for almost anything they wish to order. Well, the search should accommodate the yellow backpack and should be available in their city. Also, the users can upload the image of a specific item they wish to order on the Glovo app.

Interestingly, it offers a direct button for the users to order food, pharmacies, groceries from supermarkets, breakfast, snacks, etc for faster delivery.

Delivery Express

This feature allows you to send anything you want to the people you wish to. The user simply needs to choose a location for pick-up and delivery along with a note regarding the courier to be picked up or delivered. For instance, documents, laptops, keys, etc. the app allow users to schedule the time for pick-up and pay through flexible online payment methods.

Scan to order

This is an amazing feature that lets users scan Glovo’s QR code in a store or restaurant to view the menu and place their order via Glovo.

Share & earn

Glovo works towards increasing its user base constantly. To do so, nothing better than giving perks to your loyal customers can work.

The same technique is implemented by Glovo as it offers a specific code to each user to share & invite their friends and in turn, earn a reward of €500 for each invite.

My Orders

This feature helps users to view their order history, current orders and track the orders easily.

How Does Glovo App Generate Revenues?

Well, the main revenue generation stream for Glovo is based on the commission model. It means nearly 70-75% of revenues come from the commission model. This is because the app operates in different cities and offers the right platform for distinct businesses to advertise their business.

Almost 80% of the overall commission is extracted through food delivery orders and the rest 20% of the commission comes from groceries, pharmacy delivery, etc.

Factors and Development Processes That Decide The On-Demand Delivery App Development Cost

When it comes to the development phase comprises different sections like app idea & analysis, app design, coding, app testing, and app launch.

The entire process needs an expert to carry out every task associated with app development. So, for assistance, you can hire

  • Food delivery app development services

  • Outsourcing companies

  • Freelancers

You can hire an expert on-demand food delivery app development company that takes care of the entire development process and offer post-launch maintenance and support for your app. This will reduce the burden and challenges associated with each development stage.

Coming back to the cost of development for your on-demand delivery app, the costs are determined by multiplying the development rate and time taken to finish the project.


Well, the development rates to build an app like Glovo differs from location to location. You need to know the number of hours required to build an on-demand app like Glovo for two main platforms - Android and iOS.

Well, if you are looking for a combination of expertise and experience to create a user-friendly and innovative app like Glovo, Apps On Demand can help you get a robust and efficient app like Glovo to help you attain success in the app market. We are a trusted mobile app development company having a team of expert developers to deliver impeccable white label app development services too.

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