How to Use Reels for Instagram Growth? A Step by Step Guide!
How to Use Reels for Instagram Growth? A Step by Step Guide!
The Ultimate Guide to use Reels to Grow your Instagram

Reels are a synonym for fun, authenticity and causality, which TikTok earlier provided.


Reels help in creating high engagement rates and cater to the diverse demographics of users that Instagram provides.


Through Reels, brands can grow their Instagram account, engagement, following and quality by sharing short videos with their customers. Whether you are a business, influencer or a creator and are looking for an effective way to gain Instagram followers and boost engagement, reels are your way to go.



How are Instagram Stories Different From Reels?


Reels and Instagram stories are the same. If you are of this view, it’s time to give you a brief overview of Stories and Reels. The reel is a short video clip between 15 to 30 seconds; it’s similar to the Instagram app feature and Instagram story but not the same. Instagram stories consist of a string of temporary video content, images or written text that expires within 24 hours. On the other hand, Reels are a shorter version of the video content with mixed features of both stories, IGTV’s and TikTok.


3 Strategies to use Instagram Reels to boost Growth


  • Make use of Instagram Reels Video Content Tools


Want to use Instagram Reels to record your engaging video? If so, start using reels Native Editing Tools. Make sure your video stands out by adding a dose of entertainment for your users and followers. If you create impressive videos, you will be able to earn the hot spot on the Explore page. To create enticing reels, create reel, record, edit, add music and audio dubs through the features provided by Instagram.


  • First Few Seconds Count


To grasp your users' attention, make the most of your first few seconds of the video. Determine what factors influence viewers to watch the content. Use appealing, eye-catching text, a phrase or sentence, or stickers along the edge or start with catchy music. Your goal is to attract and stop your audience from watching the 15-30 seconds video and then choosing your post; the audience will engage with, like comments, and become account followers.



  • Creativity + Transitions = High Engagement


The best way to gain followers on Instagram is through Reels. But, it’s only possible if your video is engaging, which is possible by adding creativity and transition edits to your content. If you think short-form videos will be watched by the audience because of the less duration, you are wrong. Customers find 15 seconds way too long and will switch off the content that is not interesting. To make the video interesting, add transitions, eye-catching scenes, creative edits, and different camera angle recording tactics.


All set to switch to reels, these tactics will help you out!