How to ask to follow on Instagram by DM and other social networks [Tips & Examples]
How to ask to follow on Instagram by DM and other social networks [Tips & Examples]
How to ask to follow on IG to gain followers on Instagram. Read the tips and examples to gain followers on Instagram by DM and other social networks.________________________________________

There are many ways to capture people's attention on Instagram. One of the techniques used is to ask to follow on Instagram and thus gain greater engagement and visibility for what you want.

The problem is that people still don't know how to ask to follow on Instagram the right way. You can try some tricks like asking someone to follow you, quoting in the caption, or writing something compelling that will lead to more followers. If you have no idea, this guide will give you three tips on how to ask to follow on Instagram using DM, caption, and other social media.

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How to ask to follow on Instagram using DM

In the past, DMing people via Instagram was impossible if the other user hadn't started a conversation. Now, there are several ways, and you can also use this tool available to ask to follow on Instagram by DM.

If you have some people who can send messages directly, you can start using manual mode. You can copy and paste personalized messages and send them to your followers. It's a time consuming method, but it's one of the ways to ask to follow on Instagram to double your Instagram followers. When doing this, remember to write personalized messages that will trigger an action instead of looking like a scam.

If you don't want to copy and paste, you can run an ad campaign through the account management tab. All you have to do is go to said tab and select the option to run a campaign through the account module. You can search for the followers you want to send messages to and there is an interval to be specified. Write messages to ask to follow on Instagram for each recipient. After that, you can send immediately or schedule time to send them.


Como pedir para seguir no Instagram nas legendas das postagens 

If you don't want to ask to be DMed on IG, try quoting this in the captions of your Instagram posts. Most people find it difficult to entice people to follow through captions. If you create a message that grabs your audience's attention, you can use that as bait. Your caption will tell you more about the post and/or brand, so you should be careful when creating it. When writing a caption, you can include Follow me on Instagram at the end after conveying the necessary information.

Before you quote Follow me on Instagram at the end of the caption, you need some tips to build a message that will make your target audience read, like and follow, among other forms of engagement.

First, write a title that catches the attention of your target audience. After that, ask a question or put in a statement to make your target audience feel that you would like to solve their problem. You can include information explaining the solution and also add hashtags. Get inspired by the examples below to attract more followers:

l  Would you like to see more? follow me on Instagram

l  There are more travel ideas in my account. Join me on Instagram for more discoveries.

l  Follow us on Instagram for more memes from Brazil.

l  Keep up to date by following my Instagram account


l  Follow us on Instagram for more photos and information about our offers


What is the best way to gain followers on Instagram - Fast and Effortless

The strategies above will help you understand how to ask to follow on Instagram. They are, however, organic and slow ways that can give results after a long period of time. Also, you're not sure if people will follow you even when you have the best strategies on how to ask to follow on Instagram. If you want to quickly grow your account by gaining more followers, we have a much easier and more viable way here. Ins Followers is an app that has real followers who will be willing to follow your IG account the moment you download it.

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Cut down on organic strategies by combining them with the results you get from the app. Before we learn how to gain more followers quickly, learn more about the app:

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How to gain Instagram followers without asking someone to follow you on Instagram

Using Ins Followers is easy. Follow the steps below to start gaining more IG followers:

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Step 4: Once you've collected enough coins, use them to get 10k seguidores instagram grátis.

Step 5: Watch the to-do list to see followers being added to your account.


There's nothing difficult about asking to follow on Instagram, as long as you use the right techniques. You can combine the organic strategies we've highlighted with the power of the Ins Followers app.

This is how you will achieve better results when it comes to Instagram as your brand will become a household name. The app is available for Android and iOS users; all you need is to download it to start gaining followers.