Sawa 65 Offer
Sawa 65 Offer
Sawa is the first telecommunications company in Saudi Arabia.

Sawa offered 65 riyals for one month of the latest systems of stc Saudi Arabia, which has a large number of audience and users due to the offers that they provide every period that save the user and give him many advantages by their Sawa 65 Offer .

A stc company

Before knowing the details of the SAWA offer of 65 riyals for a month, we must first get acquainted with a brief overview of the company, as it is:

It is considered one of the oldest and best companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and has a large audience and users across the Kingdom.

This company is known by a common name in all Arab countries which is Sawa Company but it has its own ancient name which is Saudi Telecom Company i.e. Saudi Telecom Company and its abbreviation stc.

This company was established about 22 years ago and this was done on 20 April 1998 AD.

This society was established and established in accordance with the decision of the Council of Ministers of the Kingdom.

Sawa is the first telecommunications company in Saudi Arabia.

This company was officially accredited as a major and official company in telecommunications and internet services in 2003.

The company is headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

This company helps to employ many workers and employees in Saudi Arabia where it employs around seventeen thousand workers and employees in all branches.

Sawa monthly offers

stc, or as it is known, Sawa Communications Company, provides a set of monthly packages and offers that they offer to all citizens and all groups at large, including:

Sawa Star: It is a monthly package lasting four weeks for 220 Saudi Riyals with 100GB with unlimited calls to the same network. To subscribe, text 7220 to 900.

Sawa Post: A monthly package for four weeks for only 160 Saudi Riyals with unlimited minutes on the network and gives you around 20GB. To subscribe, text 7160 to 900.

Sawa Share: You need an amount of money of 110 Saudi Riyals, tax free, which gives you 5 GB with unlimited minutes on the network. To subscribe, text 7110 to 900.

Sawa 30: Its subscription for 30 Saudi Riyals gives you 200 network minutes with 1GB of internet and 1GB of social only. To subscribe, text 7030 to 900.

Sawa Flex: Subscription value is 90 Saudi Riyals, excluding taxes. It gives you 200 international, 21 country and local minutes for all networks with 10GB of internet. To subscribe, text 7090 to 900.