console commands and cheat codes guide 2022
console commands and cheat codes guide 2022
Press "K" to kill all nearby enemies. Valheim console commands: Cheats list. Now onto the really good stuff. Enter these cheats into the command console to gain ...

console commands and cheat codes guide 2022

The commands found here can be entered in the console. This allows to do actions that aren't allowed otherwise, e.g. cheating.

The console can be opened:

  • on PC by pressing Tab ↹,
  • on Stadia by pressing `,
  • or on consoles by entering the pause screen, and simultaneously pressing LBRBX and Y on the Xbox, or L1R1Square and Triangle on PlayStation,
  • or on consoles with Keyboard & Mouse mode active by pressing Tab ↹.


    Some of these commands are not available until you have authenticated yourself with the enable  cheatcommands.

    Commands marked with Y in the cheat column need to be prefixed with admincheat if used on a multiplayer server. In single-player mode you neither need any cheat or admincheat before the command nor do you need to enable cheats.

    Commands that target the creature / entity in your crosshair are marked with "Target" in the target column, and commands that affect the current player are marked with "Self". These commands cannot be used in the remote console. Console commands are not case-sensitive.

    Boolean parameters can be specified as either the keywords "true" or "false" or the numbers 1 or 0 (or 1.0 / 0.0) respectively.

    Any distances used in these commands are in game units, i.e. roughly one centimeter.

    You can concatenate multiple commands in one line using a vertical bar |. For example: LeaveMeAlone | Fly

    All commands can be run through

  • Commands


    AddEquipmentDurability <amount> 

    Cheat: Yes
    Target: -

    Name Type Description
    amount float amount of durability/water/energy to add.

    Description: add specific amount of durability/water/energy to items in hotbar and equipped armor.

    cheat addequipmentdurability 99999


    CE <type> 

    Cheat: Yes
    Target: -

    Name Type Description
    type String Type of weather. Possible values: see below. Mind the quotation marks necessary for commands with space between words.

    Description: Starts and stops weather.

    The Island
    Scorched Earth
    "start rain""stop rain""start electricalstorm""stop electricalstorm""start sandstorm""stop sandstorm""start superheat""stop superheat"Start_Volcano
    "start meteors"

    1 After activating the Auroras on Valguero using the command, Auroras will cease to appear.
    Compatible with gaming consoles: Yes

    cheat ce start_superheat


    DCMSet <property> <value> 

    Cheat: Yes
    Target: -

    Name Type Description
    property String  
    value Integer  

    Description: Sets a property on the Day Cycle Manager. On Genesis: Part 2 for first argument of value "skybox" this command changes current asteroid configuration:

    • 0: Ambergris
    • 1: Crystal
    • 2: Sulfur
    • 3: Element Shards
    • 4: Obsidian
    • 5: Oil
    • 6: Element Dust
    • 7: Black Pearls
    dcmset skybox 0



    Cheat: Yes
    Target: Self
    Description: quits spectatormode (as the character is killed when enable spectating, the respawn menu is displayed)
    Compatible with gaming consoles: Yes

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