Heading to Bangalore Here is how to spend leisure days in the city
Heading to Bangalore Here is how to spend leisure days in the city
India's most Westernised urban city is Bangalore, which is the capital city of Karnataka. The picturesque lush environment and rich biodiversity have experienced a significant transformation into a busy megalopolis post-independence.

The city accounts for around twelve million people coming from different walks of life and cultural backgrounds living together in harmony. Its technological boom has given birth to its title of the “Silicon Valley of India.”

While many people know it for its high-end retail shops and sophisticated Aerocity, it can offer tourists a lot of fun things to do while spending vacation leisure here. Book your Pune to Bangalore flight any time of the day. But make sure to book it in advance to get cheaper rates. Read on to find out what fun-loving things you can schedule into your leisure.

   Explore the excellence of Cubbon Park

Cubbon Park is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bangalore. This well-known green area borders many historical sites, including St. Mark’s Cathedral, High Court, State Central Library, etc. Moreover, you will get the chance to witness the marvelous Queen Victoria monument.

   Get familiar with the fascinating prehistoric artifacts at the Government Museum

If history fascinates you, make sure to explore The Government Museum to feed your curiosity about the prehistoric era. This museum preserves and showcases popular items like prehistoric artifacts, sculptures, paintings, and many musical instruments. Many of the Museum items come from Hoysala, Vijayanagar, Rajasthan, etc. The Museum also has the Venkatappa Paintings Gallery, which features many well-regarded art collections. 

   Book your seat at the entertaining stage play program

Attending a stage play can be a great activity to spend your leisure time with. Bangalore offers stage play performance programs in many of its popular theatre locations. These theatres and studios host not just plays but also concerts, stand-up comedy sessions, and dance performance programs. 

   Check out the Splendour of Lalbagh Botanical Garden

The Lalbagh Botanical Gardens was founded in 1760 by Sultan Haider, who was inspired by Mughal and French landscaping styles. When his son Tipu started ruling, the garden spaces expanded more and have now become a popular horticultural center. You can find a diverse range of flora here.

   Get a thrilling experience at Fun World Amusement Park & Water Park

If you are a thrill seeker, don’t miss the chance to get on a hell of an adrenaline-rushing adventure tour by visiting Fun World Amusement Park & Water Park. Here you can find a variety of water rides at easy to challenging levels. From tsunami rides to rollercoasters and Bumper car rides to Yahoo slides, families and individuals can have a lot of fun.

Where to stay in Bangalore?

You can find accommodation choices in both cosmopolitan lifestyles and more green surrounding spaces to stay in Bangalore. Jayanagar and Malleshwaram areas can offer you affordable hotels in Bangalore. You can get all the conveniences in this location from utilities to transportation.

The Bottom Line


Pack your bags to explore the charm of Bangalore and get the most out of your vacation leisure. You can experience all these fun activities in Bangalore whether you are visiting with family or creating memories as a solo traveller.