Delay In Marriage - Effect of Planet in Seventh House
Delay In Marriage - Effect of Planet in Seventh House
There may be several reasons for late marriage in the birth chart- intentional or circumstantial.

Marriage gives pleasure, but if happens at the right time. Now, this right time may vary for different people as per their lifestyle and thinking. But if we talk about Astrology, here, the right time for marriage is decided by the right dasha of planets in Kundli. There may be several reasons for late marriage in the birth chart- intentional or circumstantial. Sometimes there are good proposals but the person denies for career or other reasons. Sometimes a person desperately wishes to marry but doesn’t get the right proposal. So, a Delay marriage in Kundli has two sides of a coin.

The seventh house of horoscope- know your marriage

In the birth chart, the seventh house is the main house of the marriage of a person. It is through this house that every detail regarding your spouse and marriage can be obtained. The benefic association indicates a happy marriage, while the malefic association indicates troubles in marriage. Now, this trouble can be in the form of delay, denial, or a problematic marriage. It also shows the worst conditions of separation and divorce etc.

The seventh house, if analyzed by the best astrologer, can give information like the direction of marriage and the physical as well as mental attributes of your partner. The seventh house of a person must be in harmony for a good marriage.

Different planets in the 7th house

If we look at the complete scenario, no planet is considered good in the 7th house, including both benefic and malefic planets. For, benefic like Jupiter is satvik planet and represents more of a religious side. It is not at all comfortable in the kama trikona, i.e. the 7th house. Venus here gives too much indulgence in sexual relations; similarly, Mercury and Moon add instability and fickle nature to the house. But as far as malefic planets are concerned, they are a serious threat to the marital bliss to be attained in life.

Saturn in the 7th house- If Saturn is placed in someone’s 7th house of the birth chart, the first impression we get is the delay in marriage. Saturn delays and slows down things. Here, it may create delays in marriage. However, if in a friendly sign, vargottama or exalted, then the results may be different.

It is said that Saturn gives a fair life partner as opposed to the misconception which relates the color of the spouse to the dark or black color of the planet. The spouse may be older in age than the native and has matured mindset.

Saturn doesn’t let harmony prevail in married life. First, it will create delays, and even if marriage happens after many efforts, the person shares friction in thoughts with the partner. They never mutually agree on a decision. The person attains peace only after the age of 35.

Venus in the 7th house – The planet Venus is the karaka of romance, love, entertainment, materialistic pleasures, and sex. When placed in the kama trikona, it gives excessive sexual desires as the impact of the house gets doubled with a planet sharing the same significations. Here, either the person may get involved in extra marital affairs or may expect too much from the partner in intimate moments. Both situations threaten to a blissful marriage.

However, it gives a beautiful partner but, on the other hand, may create lack of moral values in the native for maintaining honest relations. Venus is also the karaka of the 7th house and in Astrology, it is said “karko bhav nashay”. In a way, it causes damage to its karak bhava i.e. the 7th house.

Jupiter in the 7th house – As we have given a little hint above that Jupiter in seventh house is not considered good in the 7th house. The reason is that Jupiter is devguru i.e. the teacher or mentor of Gods/deities. Now, how a devguru will feel in the house of sexual pleasures? The answer itself is sufficient to understand that Jupiter causes damage to the 7th house.

Jupiter also causes delays as the native becomes too much perfectionist in choosing the life partner. For one good reason or the other the person keeps rejecting the proposals. They mostly do it under the impression of fulfilling family responsibilities. There are chances that the spouse is too religious to involve in sexual relations and may avoid these completely. This tendency turns the relation into the wrong direction.   

Mars in the 7th house – The planet Mars forms manglik dosha with its presence in the seventh house. Mars is an aggressive, enthusiastic and passionate planet. When Mars in seventh house, it causes disagreements in thoughts of the partners. There are more quarrels and arguments between the couple. Here, it aspects the 2nd house of speech which makes it abusive and harsh. The person is too rigid to understand anything and can’t analyze things properly.

Mars also causes delays in marriage for one reason or the other. Most of the time, it is due to highly energetic attitude or lack of practical and sane thinking of the person.  It may also give involvement in extra marital affairs.

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Rahu in the 7th house- In Astrology, it is said- “Shanivat Rahu”. It means Rahu behaves in the same manner as Saturn. It also causes delays and difference in thoughts. It may give a marriage with a foreigner or a person out of someone’s cast. Rahu brings sudden results. So, marriage or break up, it will happen in a sudden manner.

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