Reasons Why Food Protection Is Important
Reasons Why Food Protection Is Important
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All the precious things are stored and protected in a safe place. Food is a precious thing and needs to be stored in a safe place. Now that might sound absurd to store the food in a lockable plastic storage box. However, it is important, especially for the kids and pets. Kids and pets can get seriously affected by getting their hands on inappropriate food items such as medicines. Moreover, toddlers are curious about trying new stuff all the time. They can easily pick a food item that is not for them and can get choked. Here are interesting incidents that called for a safety lock in food appliances.

The one with the spoiled food and a safety lock

Refrigerators are one of the most secure places to keep food. Refrigerators offer many benefits for food. It can keep the food fresh for long period, it can help in storing a large amount of food and one can also store the various kinds of food in one refrigerator. However, refrigerators are entertaining for toddlers as they can be opened and closed and have many colorful things inside. This is what happened at Mr. Mosby's house when his 5 years old daughter tried to play with the fridge door. She left it open and ruined all the food items inside it and the house started smelling like a rotten tomato. It was a memorable incident for Mr. Mosby’s family. They had to clean the mess and clear the bad smell from the house in the middle of the night. The next morning, Mr. Mosby went to a supermarket to find refrigerator door locks. With the help of the refrigerator door locks Mr. Mosby's family were rest assured that no mess will be caused like the other day.

The one with Pluto the dog and near-death experience

Every pet parent can relate to the mischief and mess created by their pets. Pets are called man's best friends. Pluto is a golden retriever dog. His owners are both working so he is left at home if the daycare is closed for some reason. It was like the best day of his life when he grabbed the refrigerator door and pulled the handle with his little paws. He got a whole pile of treats from the fridge. Suddenly, he got choked for eating the fish. By all luck just then his owners arrived and took him to the vet. This incident taught the owners of Pluto to put a cabinet strap lock on the refrigerator door.

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