5 Reasons to See a Dermatologist for Acne Treatment
5 Reasons to See a Dermatologist for Acne Treatment
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Acne has become a common skin disorder in today’s time. You will come across a large number of people who are already suffering from acne and face more complications. If we talk about various reasons that cause acne, dead skin cells and excess oil are one of those. These clog the hair follicles of those who are suffering from this condition.


It brings the possibility of bacterial infection in the hair follicle and also makes it fully inflamed and red. While acne is one of the skin disorders that the majority of teenagers face. Meanwhile, you should always keep in mind that anyone can get infected with this disease. Those who have these skin disorders should immediately make their way to the best dermatologist for acne treatment in Bangalore.


If you have mild acne, you can cure it at your home by using over-the-counter medications. Moreover, if your acne is getting severe after approximately 10 weeks of curing it, you should avoid curing the same at home and visit a doctor as soon as possible.


Whether you have a moderate or severe skin problem, your dermatologist will help you in getting rid of the same. The major repercussion of acne is it often leaves a scar on the skin. So, visiting a reputed acne specialist in Bangalore also helps you get rid of acne scars in the most effective way.


Acne scar is something that you can’t cure at your home even with the use of over-the-counter medications as well. Apart from this, acne also causes emotional distress as well among many people. So, if people having acne get depressed, they always avoid any kinds of social situations, and it’s decisive to get in touch with the best dermatologist.


We will explain here various other reasons why you should visit a dermatologist for acne treatment. Take a look.


1. Get Tailored Solutions


The main reason why you should approach a dermatologist for acne treatment is they provide a fully tailored solution based on your skin condition. They conduct all necessary tests to know the severity of acne. Once they get an idea of your skin condition, it becomes easy for them to provide the most effective treatment to help you get rid of the problems as soon as possible.


Be it moderate or mild symptoms of acne, a dermatologist provides you with the best medications and also various other treatments to provide the best treatment. They offer the best prescription of medication that matches a specific condition of your skin. 


2. Get More Effective Treatment than Over-the-counter Option


The best thing about a dermatologist is they can provide you with various oral antibiotics for eliminating a fully bacterial infection that you may have noticed to develop your skin. You may have tried various over-the-counter treatments and noticed no success. And the main reason for the same is – a deep bacterial infection doesn’t respond properly to various alcohol-based astringents, soaps, and also various facial cleansers.


Apart from this, over-the-counter retinol treatments may not be so effective when it comes to curing your acne problem. In this case, your dermatologist may provide you with prescription-strength retinol treatment. It’s indeed a full derivative of vitamin A. This is considered to be the most effective and perfect treatment for those people who are suffering from moderate to severe acne.


3. Check Internal Issues


We all are aware of the fact that acne occurs due to several external factors be it dead cells or pollutants. But, sometimes various internal issues also cause this problem. If the endocrine system of your body is imbalanced, you will notice the higher production of testosterone, the male hormone, etc.


If your body produces excessive testosterone, it causes several sebaceous glands to produce higher sebum. It causes clogged pores and also combined with bacteria and dust, it results in several hormonal acne. You may have experienced hormonal acne on the t-zone of the upper back, face, and chest, especially due to the abundance of those of sebaceous glands.


If you approach a dermatologist, they conduct various tests to know whether your acne problem reflects the symptoms of a hormonal condition like polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). It then becomes quite necessary for controlling several internal symptoms of the disorder and for controlling those various external symptoms like acne.


4. Recommend Proper Diet


Only medications don’t work for curing skin disorders like acne. Since this skin disorder is stubborn, you should also focus on your diet. The food that you consume is known for having both long-term and short-term consequences. You will come across various studies that reflect both direct and indirect links between acne and food.


You can find numerous studies that show that low-glycemic or food that contains low-sugar makes a positive effect on various skin issues that include acne. Higher-glycemic food tends to cause blood sugar levels in the human body to rise, which causes inflammation and thus acne.


All you need to do is to avoid eating sweets, chocolates, milk, etc. which can definitely help you in balancing healing acne and also blood sugar. Consuming various food items such as walnuts, vegetables, omega 3-rich fish, almonds, seeds, and others are indeed the right option to get rid of acne.


Your dermatologist will examine your symptoms of acne and suggest you the best food items that you need to consume for getting rid of acne.


5. Recommend for Right Cosmetic Procedure


Since acne often leaves a scar, a dermatologist can help you get rid of it. A licensed dermatologist provides the best acne scar treatment in Bangalore and recommends the best cosmetic procedure that helps you cure the acne scar in a better way. This procedure uses cutting-edge technologies that help you get rid of acne scars.


Final Words


Irrespective of the type of skin or environmental factors, anyone can experience the growth of acne on their skin. It’s always the best option to get in touch with the best dermatologist who provides the world-class pimple treatment in Bangalore.