Opencart Search Powered by Algolia | Purchasetheme
Opencart Search Powered by Algolia | Purchasetheme
Algolia is the fastest and most relevant search experience available for opencart eCommerce platform. Results show up immediately as the user type, with no delay, and bring the user to exactly what they’re looking for.

Advance & Instant Search for Opencart

Nowadays, setting a business online is not that difficult but, it is difficult to constantly run that business for a long period of time then only you will be able to see true success. To run an online business we have many readers to move platforms like opencart, Magento, Prestashop, woocommerce which you can choose based on your budget and understanding of your platform and as per your business requirement.

In all these scenarios search plays a very crucial role to display the right product to the right customer as per the keyword they have chosen to find the product of interest. If your search is not strong your potential customer will quit the website and you know quitting a website by a potential customer is a very heartbreaking type of thing as your money and time which you have given to earn revenue drops at the same time. 

To overcome all these problems Algolia did lots of research in this area and created a platform where we have all things which really help a lot in a real manner to show the thing to your visitors for what they visited your website. 

PurchaseTheme has created an extension that helps you to integrate the Algolia to your online store and provide your visitor with an outstanding experience than before. Algolia Extension is capable of handling more than 10000+ products at a time and promises you to provide the result in milliseconds. If you don't believe you can directly visit and check by doing self-analysis. 

Download Algolia Opencart Extension you can visit Opencart Marketplace Or directly Purchase it from