Why Are Low Rise Apartments The Best Option?
Why Are Low Rise Apartments The Best Option?
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Why Are Low Rise Apartments The Best Option?

While buying a home, the home buyers have to face another dilemma of choosing from high-rise and low buildings. While taller apartments look beautiful and mesmerising, one cannot overlook the benefits of low rise apartments.

Obviously, many factors rope in before making a final decision like price, location, amenities, etc., but deciding the type of building tops the list.

Many new homebuyers are attracted towards the building with 2 or 3 BHK low rise apartments; some still prefer high rise apartments. However, according to the recent trends, the first choice of home buyers is low rise flats as they offer a calmer living area with fewer occupants in the vicinity.

But the real question is whether low rise flats are a good option?

Let’s find an answer to that.

To help you with your answer, here is a brief description.

There are different definitions of the buildings in different stats. For instance, Emporis defines a low-rise as “an enclosed structure below 35 meters divided into regular floor levels, while the city of Toronto defines a mid-rise as a building between four and twelve stories.

According to the Indian Building Code norms for fire safety, all the buildings up to the height of 15 m from the first access point for a fire engine are considered low-rise buildings.

As the name suggests, low rise buildings have fewer floors and fewer flats with lesser occupants. In contrast with the high-rise buildings, low-rise construction generally has four or lesser floors with 2-3 flats on a single floor. Buildings with more than 12 floors are classified into high-rise buildings and sometimes skyscrapers. 

Since low-rise buildings have fewer inhabitants, it offers more privacy and negotiability of rent and utilities than high-rise apartments. Moreover, people living in the economised strata opt for these buildings as it gives them more utilising space and better access to the entrance and exits.

Keeping in mind the needs of the people, the real estate group, Shubhashish Homes have constructed 2 BHK and 3 BHK low-rise buildings in the key areas of Jaipur city. These buildings have fewer floors with a limited number of flats to ensure that the residents’ privacy is maintained. 

Now that you know about them, let’s talk about the benefits of low-rise buildings.

Urban Construction experts in the areas like Delhi-NCR believe that the development of satellite townships would increase the demand for low-rise flats in the upcoming years. Additionally, it has been stated in a cited survey that the concept of the low-rise building seems to have taken off well, with 28% of the projects being in the form of these apartments.

So, what makes low-rise the first choice of homebuyers? Here’s your answer

Better Living - Shubhashish Homes

People nowadays are trying to avoid heavily crowded residential spaces. Especially after the covid-19 pandemic, the social distancing is the new normal, which also affects the housing trends.

The current popularity of the low-rise apartments is because of the ever-growing population and lack of open spaces in big cities like Jaipur. As constructed by Shubhashish Homes, apartments are synonymous with the low-population density for a calmer life.

Open Spaces - Shubhashish Homes
Tired of the stone jungles, there is a lack of open space and home buyers seek peace in the societies that offer them open spaces and cleaner air quality. One of the USPs of the low rise accommodation is the open spaces, walking paths, gardens, trees, lush green landscapes. 2 or 3 BHK Buildings with open spaces allow room for a better and healthier lifestyle.

FSI - Shubhashish Homes

FSI is the ratio between the area of a covered floor, also known as the built-up area, to the area of the land on which a building stands. If the FSI of the area is limited, the developers have to build low-rise buildings.

Moreover, the low-rise buildings have a more usable area which eventually means larger spaces than the high-rise buildings.

Easy Evacuate - Shubhashsish Homes
None of us is unaware of the fires and collapses of the high-rise building in case of calamity. In high-rise buildings, the time to evacuate is more, and the chances of collapse are higher. While in the low and mid-rise residential buildings, there is an easy access to the street. Moreover, the exit points and distance to the ground are lower, which is the safest feature for evacuation.

Low-rise buildings are a clear winner when buying 2 BHK or 3 BHK flats in Jaipur. Owing to the advantages of the low-rise flats, many homebuyers are inclining towards these buildings.

If you are on the bandwagon of homebuyers, then Shubhashish has the perfect home for you. One of the project shubhashish Geeta phase 2, has 2 Stilt+5 Towers that are east and west facing apartments having 2&3 BHK Luxury Apartments.

With its typically low-rise apartments and an array of amenities, it provides the perfect abode to anyone looking for flats in Jaipur at a good location. 

So, what are you waiting for? End your search with the Shubhashish Geeta and land on a perfect home.