Pawna Lake side camping Lonavala
Pawna Lake side camping Lonavala
Experience the most luxury camping trip in Lonavala at Pawna Camping. We are offering Pawna lake camping with Unlimited food, Activities, Bonfire & Music, Overnight Stay, and more. Get separate locations for families and couples.

Pawna Lake Camping

Pawna Lake near Lonavala is one of the most beautiful locations in India. This wonderful tourist destination is the most blessed location in India in terms of its scenery. Pawna Lake Camping is the best spot to have an excellent time. You will be provided with camping, snacks, unlimited buffet dinners, and delicious BBQs. In addition to providing, you with music that will entertain you in the evening, we also provide additional activities such as sports to utilise up any extra energy. There will be a campfire. You can go kayaking and rowing in the morning, which will make your trip even more adventurous. There are separate sections for couples, families, and singles, so you will have the privacy you desire. Free rowing and kayaking are also provided. You will receive excellent care from our dedicated team at any hour of the day. Come and join us at Pawna Lake Camping and have a good time.


Pawna lake side camping Lonavala

Pawna lake side camping lonavala is easy to access from Lonavala and Kamshet. Pawna lake is surrounded by sheer natural beauty and several forts, making this one of our favourite places for conducting camping events by the lake. Pawna camping offers the Lakeside Tent Stay Package, complete with BBQ, bonfire, and activities. It includes a nightly tent stay, meals, activities, fire, music, etc. Pawna Camping offers you the respite as well as many other things like interesting games, outdoor activities, plenty of peace and alone time, and, of course, quality time with friends, family, partners.

Along with a wonderful experience camping at the Pawna Lake, we provide a few fun activities too including sight-seeing, horse-riding, fort-tripping, paragliding, boating, and kayaking, etc. Some of the fun activities including sight-seeing are overseen by our experts for your safety whilst enjoying. When there are such amazing views of nature, such experiences such as the Pawna camp are mandatory for people to enjoy natures beauty and take a break at natures home.


Pawna lake camping for couples

Pawna Lake is one of the most famous man-made lakes located 10 km away from Kamshet on the old Mumbai-Pune Highway, which is the closest campsite to Pune is most popular Lonavala Lake to go for camping.

Pawna camping understands the need of safe and secured environment that the family might want during camping, hence provides comfortable Pawna lake camping for couples. Our crew strives to do its best to ensure couples can enjoy stress-free, joyous camping experiences. We provide you the ultimate camping experience on the Pawna Lake, with tent lodging, unlimited meals, free snacks, a tasty BBQ, candlelight suppers with movie screens, couples bonfires, and lots of fun activities.