Master your Revenue Generating Crypto Exchange like Kucoin at a Reasonable Budget
Master your Revenue Generating Crypto Exchange like Kucoin at a Reasonable Budget
Kucoin has been effective in attracting the attention of a growing number of investors due to its ability to generate a huge amount of money. When you utilize Kucoin clone script, you'll be able to launch a profitable crypto exchange platform on your own like Kucoin Exchange.

Write about cryptocurrency and exchange(generic):


The cryptocurrency exchange scripts are the most popular and famous way of trading in today's generation. Entrepreneurs are interested in doing cryptocurrency and trading has become skyrocketed nowadays. Investors feel safe and secure in investing money in crypto exchange and they also try to acquire more knowledge about crypto funds in the future. Return On Investment(ROI) is very fast and users can able to take their huge amount of money in a certain period of time after once invested in the crypto market. This year, the price of Bitcoin had a gain by 60% and the crypto platform had exponential growth rapidly from more than 300 new listings, on the decentralized platform.


A short note about Kucoin:


In today’s era, in the current situation, Kucoin allows avatars to buy cryptocurrencies with fiat currencies like EUR, USD, AUD, etc. Kucoin was established in the year of May 2017 its origin came from Hong Kong, and now at the present moment, it has been used over a sizeable worldwide exchange trading volume in more than 200 countries.


Kucoin clone script is a Cryptocurrency Exchange Website script that is 100% customizable to add extra features and functionalities even if it is not available on Kucoin Exchange. We have a ready-made kucoin clone script which is a ready-to-launch script instantly within 3 Days. If you want to add features and some additional functionalities, then we have white label kucoin clone software to build your crypto exchange as per business requirements.


Advanced features of Kucoin Clone Script:


  • Margin trading for avatars

  • Order book system

  • Crypto wallet integration

  • Liquidity

  • API

  • Admin dashboard

  • Site API

  • Multi-Lingual

  • User dashboard

  • Payment gateway integration

  • KYC/AML solutions

  • Multi-currency pairing

  • Matching engine

  • Trading bot

  • Cryptocurrency price Ticker API

Security Features of Kucoin Clone Script:


  • Security measures

  • HTTPS authentication

  • Two-factor authentication

  • Jail login

  • Support system

  • Purchasing cryptos with fiat currencies

  • ICO/IEO launchpad

  • Protection from cross-site Request Forgery(CSRF)

  • Protection from server-side Request Forgery(SSRF)

  • Distributed Denial of Service prevention

  • SQL Injection prevention

  • Trading bot, leverage & margin 

Benefits of using Coinjoker Kucoin Clone Script:


  • Instant crypto transactions

  • Staking allows earning rewards/coins, etc.

  • More than 500 currencies are available

  • User-friendly dashboard for avatars

  • Cut-edge technology with an updated stack

  • Secure and safe for users in future

  • Change commission fee according to user’s deposit, withdrawals, etc.

How does the Kucoin clone work?


  • As a first step, the user has to register the Kucoin clone account for their usage on the Kucoin exchange.

  • Once the user is activated their own account on Kucoin, the Kucoin clone allows avatars to buy, sell, trade, and store certain cryptocurrencies.

  • Users are allowed to purchase tokens, which can be in reducing costs for investors/entrepreneurs and earn rewards in a certain month period of time.

  • Avatars have additional features of exchanging crypto assets or linking to a third-party wallet for trading purposes easily done by custodial and noncustodial services.

  • Admin ownership of purchasing keeping, and maintaining their bitcoin for a long-lasting period ever, this is a fruitful and amazing clone platform and safe for those people.

  • At last for every successful crypto transaction, people can charge a certain amount of transaction fees for their uses, this can lead to a huge amount of profits in a few days on the crypto platform.

Why choose Coinjoker for Kucoin Clone Development?


If you want to start your cryptocurrency exchange like Kucoin clone development for your new business as a well beginning for entrepreneurs, then here are the opulent choices for building your small business to large-scale business development growth. Our Coinjoker services as we provide


  • 100% customizable features

  • White label solution

  • Best and safe for cryptocurrency exchange business

  • User-friendly technical support reliable

  • Experts in crafting crypto exchange platforms

  • Budget at a reasonable price

  • Ready-to-use solution at the instant time

  • Well-experienced developers in creating Kucoin clone software

Kickstart your crypto business to the next level with our best and safe trading solutions.


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