How To Create A Women’s Health Tracking Applications Solution
How To Create A Women’s Health Tracking Applications Solution
There are many successful FemTech solution and how to create women's health tracker application. Lets find out about the most prominent apps

Healthcare is one of the most important aspects focused on an individual and smart healthcare technology is advancing. The Healthcare industry is focusing on developments that can benefit the people with the integration of latest technology based solutions. Being a woman surrounds you with multiple responsibilities and thus it becomes highly important to take care of health and as people become more and more tech savvy, it is important for women’s healthcare services to be able to cater their needs with implementation of technology.

If we talk about the changes that healthcare industry has worked significantly upon post the world got hit by the latest Covid-19 pandemic it made them realize the potential technology holds in providing the much needed improvement as well as help the traditional healthcare be revised with the new technology era of developments. Today the healthcare services are continuously developing themselves to suit the rapidly changing dynamics and demands and are relying on technology like never before to help the business sustain as well as succeed. 

As per reports the healthcare industry till 2019 had an USD 100 billion market cap which is supposedly aimed to grow to a USD 600 billion by 2025. There has been a greater surge 0f more that 75% of mobile app development in healthcare are about the wearable tech and health tracking dynamics.

What is FemTech?

As more and more technology based startups and businesses are scaling up their solutions it has also allowed the female entrepreneurs to come forward and take the charge of running successful organizations and this has led to the evolution of the term FemTech.

Empowering the women and getting them the equality towards a successful professional life has let the global corporate worlds to move ahead and deliver more significant solutions and the same can be witnessed under the domain of women healthcare services development. 

Women’s Health

Why Should Women’s Health Tracking And Lifestyle Applications Be Developed?

If reports from Grand View Research in San Francisco are to be believed, the global women’s health market will be worth $3.9 billion by 2026, growing at a 17.9% compound annual growth rate. Women may be more in control of their bodies and have a better grasp of their health and well-being because of this technology. Female health tracking apps are the fourth most popular among adults and the second most popular among adolescent women in the mHealth app category.

Why Is The Need For Female Health-Tracking App Development Growing?

Health is a subject that does not distinguish between men and women but to provide the leading solutions based on technology for the healthcare, lifestyle and fitness women are in need for more utilization and engage with multiple requirements to cover their daily health routine. 

In today’s modern era, a woman is multitasking being a mother, wife, sister and continuing her professional lifestyle making it important for her to keep a good focus on her health and track all the happenings on a day to day basis.

This in turn has allowed the development of women health tracking applications and other women health feature based technological advancements to bring forward more robust, innovative women healthcare development services.

Here Are Some Crucial Statistics For Women’s Health Monitoring Apps:

  • By 2026, the market for women’s health tracking is predicted to be worth more than USD 3.9 billion.
  • Growing mental health awareness is expected to boost market share by the end of 2022.
  • By 2026, the women’s health market is predicted to develop at a rate of 4.96 percent.
  • A fitness and health app is used by 58.7% of the general female population to track their health on a daily basis.
Women’s Health

Types of Healthcare Application

Period and Fertility Tracker app for Women

An application that helps track the period cycle and fertility cycle for a woman and helps you get notified with timely updates on the same. A mobile based app that allows technology to help out the women and keep a better check on their personal health.

Pregnancy Tracker Apps

An application that helps track the pregnancy with technology based tracking and lets a woman know about her pregnancy and other updates and notification based on a proper health cycle following the pregnancy period and helping them plan and prepare well for it.

Birth Control Apps

An application that allows a woman to keep a track on the birth control and comes enabled with features to help them in making it happen through the utilization of an innovative application.

Online Prescription & Delivery Apps

An application that allows women to be able to get consultation and prescription through a technology based mobile app model and also helps them to get the medicines and other medical aids delivered to their homes.

Benefits of Health Tracking Application For Women:

A health tracking application brings forward the benefits that allow the users to be able to get the best of tracking apps helping them be able to track various health related dynamics through these healthcare apps. With more feature based integrations a patient can avail of the leading advancement in getting online consultation, with features like online doctor consultationdoctor marketplace solutions offering.

mobile app based healthcare tracker allows you to get timely updates and notifies you on tests and other health based mechanics. Video Consultation, In-Text Messaging features allow a greater advanced health consultation.

Benefits That A Service Marketplace For Doctors Provides:

As the physical patients’ attendance and check up burden keeps on escalating. A mobile app or a Online Doctor Consultation App provides the much needed relief to the doctors where they can easily attend to their patients through application and give them the required consultation. The application also provides a secure medium for them to get the payments transferred to their bank account making it a valuable and safer medium to engage well with the patients and earnings too.

Leading technologies like Internet Of Things servicesArtificial Intelligence servicesare providing some of the advanced integrated solutions to develop feature based doctor marketplace solutions.

The application allows doctors to manage their day-day routine, appointments calendar, online check on the inventory, staff management, and other valuable features to help you to ease out your consultation proceedings.

As per reports, around 70% doctors believe that having a feature based application for running their consultation will help them provide service to more patients and also ease in doing it.

What Are Some Of The Most Popular Female Health-Tracking Apps?

Women’s Health

1- Clue- The clue is an accurate and user-friendly period tracker app available online. It is not only the most popular, but also the most highly rated.

Clue helps women to track their menstrual and ovulation cycles. The software employs Machine Learning to alert users to their PMS, fertile, and infertile days in advance.

2. Flo- While Clue uses Machine learning application, Flo uses Artificial intelligence application. It can also be used to track your cycle, ovulation, and fertility. The accurate time tracker, ovulation calendar, and pregnancy calculator in the Flo app are well-known.  

If a user enters their data into the Flo app on a regular basis, the app can provide more specific information on their menstruation and ovulation cycles.  To say the least, Flo is the software to use if you want to keep track of your entire menstrual health.

3. Natural Cycle – It’s a contraception and cycle tracker app. The Natural Cycles app allows women to pick when they want to get pregnant and when they don’t want to get pregnant. Other women’s health tracking apps take a tenth of a degree reading of their basal body temperature. Natural Cycles, on the other hand, measures it to the hundredth of a degree.

Features to Include When Making A Women’s Health App

  1. Onboarding- It is critical to create an app that is user-friendly in order to ensure user onboarding. Choose between using a traditional email and password to sign up for the app or using social media to sign up and login. Onboarding is the first and most important phase in the user experience because it instantly conveys the app’s concept and aids in improving the user experience and retaining the user base. Coach displays, instructional overlays, or in-boarding are all options.
  2. Detailed User Profile- Many users dislike the entire signup procedure, provide them the opportunity to avoid it and instead establish a brief user profile with essential health information. It is recommended that the app only collects the information that is required from the user, such as weight, height, allergies, illnesses, and period date. Users appreciate it when an app doesn’t ask them too many questions before they can use it. Rather, just collect the information that is absolutely necessary to provide personalized content and improve the user experience.
  3. Period Tracker- This is an important function for women’s health and fitness apps since it allows them to keep track of their periods, any changes, and their overall health during the menstrual cycle, as well as assess the changes. It’s simple to keep track of the current day of your cycle, your fertility period, the approximate start of your next menstrual cycle, upcoming PMS, and much more. Most period tracking applications include features such as tracking cycle, period, and PMS, as well as logging menstruation start, finish, and fertile days. A fertility calendar is also available, with ideal days for conception and predictions for forthcoming periods, ovulation, and fertility. When experiencing irregular periods, users can also provide more symptoms to achieve better predictions.
  4. Reminders/Notifications- By sending constant reminders, this feature is essential for keeping users interested with the app. It not only ensures user involvement with the app, but it also improves its dependability. Reminders in such programmes can now be divided into three categories: normal log entries, medicine notifications, notifications about the start of the next cycle phase, and so forth. There should also be warnings about prospective health issues, which can be done by assessing symptoms and determining the conditions that are causing them.
  5. Symptom tracking and analysis- Symptom Tracker examines symptoms and patterns on a regular basis to offer reliable readings, and then allows users to learn more about their health and dangers. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies in period-tracking applications aid in the analysis of massive amounts of aggregate user data and provide individualized insights regarding each user’s safety. The symptom monitoring feature allows you to learn more about your body, fertility, ovulation, and period cycles, among other things. The app’s addition of wearable support will allow users to automatically add health data to their daily diaries, such as heart rate, blood pressure, weight, sleep time, and more. As a result, there will be more data to analyze.
  6. Integration With Wearables- This functionality allows the app to incorporate valuable information from wearables, or the health devices. It will offer reliable data not just for the research to further advance the app but also for the health & well-being of users. Several period monitoring applications provide users with the option of sharing a few details with their partners. Clue Connect is a function available in the Clue app. The software also enables for an open discussion about sensitive topics such as menstruation, fertility, and premenstrual condition (PMS). However, in addition to sharing health information with spouses, the app should also allow users to share information with their doctors.
  7. Sharing information with a doctor- Users can utilize this tool to learn more about their bodies, fertility, ovulation, and menstrual cycles. They’ll get daily health insights based on the data, and they’ll be able to import data from other devices like the Health App and Fitbit.
  8. Community Support- It’s critical for apps like this to allow users to build communities where they can discuss their issues and experiences with other users and solicit feedback. The community allows users to share their tales through the built-in social network, join groups, and discuss symptoms. Users’ engagement with the app can be significantly boosted in this manner. At the same time, their confidence in the app will grow.
  9. Online consultations-  Users will have a reliable communication channel if you offer digital consultation. This is a simple way to get help online, and many people find it much more beneficial to discuss their concerns with a real specialist and have their health situation reviewed. And it is in this way that digital consultation can be extremely beneficial. To provide excellent service to users, app developers should consider partnering with medical professionals who will provide online consultations, treatment plans, and medication administration via text messages or voice calls.
  10. Pregnancy Tracker- Users will be able to view a countdown to the baby’s birth as well as track which pregnancy week they are in using this function.
  11. Personalized Features- Period tracking app users would be able to get customized information based on their symptoms and cycle phase. It will be simple to detect emotional and physical patterns, and it will produce health reports for doctors.

What The Future Holds For The Healthcare Development: 

More Robust Healthcare Management

As technology is integrated with healthcare it will bring out solutions that will benefit both the patients as well as the doctors. It will allow the healthcare system to develop itself in providing latest technology enabled resources to the doctors and cater the needs of the patients. Implementations will bring changes in the consultation, tests, and other non physical involvements related to medical proceedings.

Contactless Consultation

The application or online based consultation provides an advanced medium for the doctors to engage well with their patients and provide their service. It allows technology to initiate towards better healthcare solutions.

Medical Check Up And Reports

With an online platform for accessing and sharing checkup details and reports patients are able to get the same consultation as they would at physical checkup. Patients are able to get the softcopy of their reports stored in for future usage without the fear of getting them lost as would happen with the hard copy of the reports.

Choose the Right Doctor

With a doctor marketplace you get the option to choose from a number of doctors that provide you with the leading consultation. As per your interests and reviews based on other patients you can choose the right doctor to help you with your consultation. 

Advantages Of Women Healthcare Mobile Application

Building a women’s health app has various advantages.

This is a chance to satisfy market needs. If you have a promising idea, now is an excellent time to enter the FemTech sector. However, you must still examine the market, modern women’s behavior patterns, and the demands imposed by the current health and economic climate. Because of the shaky financial condition, uncertainty, and the need to stay in the hospital, many women are abandoning the idea of giving birth

There are a lot of competitors to research and learn from. We looked at the most promising FemTech solutions available today. Use them as a source of inspiration, more study, and validation for your idea.

You could benefit from the expertise of a tech-savvy development company. There are also numerous options for contacting an established development firm and repurposing their best practices for mobile app development.

What Are The Difficulties In Making A Women’s Health Tracking App?

Even if everything appears to be in order on the surface, there are problems in developing any application. A health-tracking software for women is no exception. The following are some of the potential stumbling blocks:

Experts: The experts or specialists you persuade to work on your app are crucial. The lack of expertise will result in the obtained data’s analytical inaccuracy.

It is critical to have a team of experts on board if you want to design an app that assists women with their symptoms and cycle.

App Design: Everyone understands the significance of aesthetic attractiveness. It’s critical for keeping your audience interested in your software.

As previously stated, there is still a taboo surrounding themes of women’s health, and they don’t want anyone to know what they’re doing when they open the app.

Because we’re talking about the target demographic, there’s a probability that the app will be used by people of all genders. As a result, ensure that your app’s UI/UX design services does not target a specific demographic.

Data Privacy:  People may be hesitant to sign up for your app due to growing concerns about data privacy. Make it clear how the app will use their data to provide consumers peace of mind regarding their data’s privacy. Furthermore, each country has its own set of data rules. As a result, before launching your app in a country, you should familiarize yourself with the applicable rules.


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