Future of blockchain?
Future of blockchain?
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Blockchain or blockchain technology is new even after a decade of being introduced. And whose popularity has been greatly enhanced by the successful adoption of its applications in different sectors. The interest in blockchain technology has increased profoundly in recent years and more and more companies are incorporating this technology. In a survey conducted by PwC to 60 executives from 15 countries, 84% of them say that their companies have some type of project related to this technology . Moreover, the consulting firm Gartner estimates that, in 2030, blockchain dapp development company will generate a value of more than 3 trillion dollars a year . One more fact, in their study they also predict that by 2030 between 10% and 20% of the infrastructure that supports the functioning of the world economy will operate on systems based on the chain of blocks.

Four trends:

The pandemic has caused a huge shift towards digital platforms, making blockchain more relevant to ensure secure and transparent transactions. Among the key technology trends that have and are having the greatest impact on the blockchain issue, there are four main ones.

NFT digital collectibles, or non-fungible token , will continue to be strong. The NFT is a special cryptographically generated token that uses blockchain technology to be linked to a unique digital asset that cannot be replicated. Artists, video game companies and content creators are constantly being added, creating their own NFTs and selling them for large sums of money.

Enterprise blockchain or private or corporate blockchain. It is also sometimes called "allowed" and implies control of processes by a "master" user. For example, ethereum dapps development services it could be a company that provides a centralized platform to get the job done. The system is expected to be used in the field of healthcare, services, as well as in manufacturing and industrial companies.

Blockchain skills . As the relevance of blockchain is constantly growing, specialists in this field will be extremely in demand and will have full control over the overall job market, in the years to come. Using blockchain as a service . Big companies like Amazon, Metaverse Microsoft, among others, have already started to create and develop special platforms. The sites will be designed for entrepreneurs who want to learn how to control technology and use it as a service. This implies a use without investment in infrastructure development, as well as without any skills or experience.