What is Nano CBD?
What is Nano CBD?
Want to know where to buy Nano CBD Oil? LifeSource Nano CBD oil products are a blend of ultra-purified water, CBD, and emulsifiers, which help to keep the CBD mixed with the water.

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What is Nano CBD? 

Nano CBD comes from an emulsion of purified water, long chain triglycerides, emulsifiers, and CBD.  While an emulsion simply refers to a mixture of oil and water, our Nano CBD is made using our proprietary process that uses sound waves to break the particle size of the CBD below 100 nanometers for faster absorption and increased bioavailability (Nano CBD).  This type of product is known as a nanoemulsion, and is used “in diverse areas such as drug delivery, food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and material synthesis”.  

Our Nano CBD Oil is a microencapsulated nano emulsion of CBD in purified water.  Being water-based instead of oil-based, it mixes easily with any liquid.  The term “nano” means one one-billionth, and in this case refers to a product in which the CBD oil has been broken into ultra-tiny droplets that are less than 100 nanometers wide.  That is less than 0.0001 millimetres!  By comparison an average human hair is approximately 80,000 nanometers wide.  A piece of paper is about 100,000 nanometers wide [1].  

The less than 100-nanometer particle size of our Nano CBD allows for greater bioavailability, meaning the body more efficiently utilizes the CBD.  

We produce our Nano CBD Oil in 2.5% (25 mg/mL) and 5% (50 mg/mL) concentrations, with a particle size of less than 100 nanometers.  These concentrations in our Nano CBD, coupled with the higher bioavailability of the small particle size, are appropriate for many CBD users.  However, some people do prefer an even more potent option to allow a higher amount of Nano CBD Oil per usage, to be able to use less of their chosen CBD product at once or to get the most cost-effective form of CBD by having the highest concentration per drop as can be found in Nano CBD, making Nano CBD the most effective choice for them.

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