What is MPPSC some Handy Tips to prepare for the MPPSC Exam
What is MPPSC some Handy Tips to prepare for the MPPSC Exam
Knowing mppsc exam is necessary before preparation pattern and syllabus of the exam it will help you. Sharing some handy tips in this article for you.

When theroad to success is much narrower than failure, as is the case with the StateServices Examinations (SSE) conducted by MPPSC, the decision to try and qualifyrequires a miracle. It is one of the toughest exams in India, far moreintimidating than any IIT, IIM, CAT, GMAT, or so out there.

An exam thatsees the strictest filtering from over 4 lakh applicants to just shy of athousand answers, SSE clearly requires a lot of planning to prepare, especiallyif you crack it to get into the top ranks. want to make. MPPSC officer. To putthings in perspective, only a few 200 seats are allotted for MPPSC posts, arereserved for exam toppers.

Before youinvest what you've got in this one super-competitive field, make sure you'renot overlooking other good career options. Here's a free personality test andfree online career quiz, in which you can first understand yourself and exploresome other options that align more to your tastes.

So, whatwill you do to prepare for the MPPSC Exam with best mppsc coaching in indore?

The processis not formalized. No one strategy can work for everyone. However, you canobviously try and devise your own plan using what is known from historicaltrends - how long have past candidates taken to prepare, how many times theyhave attempted the exam, how Which optional subjects have got the most success,and what type of questions have come in the MPPSC paper.


The rest islargely dependent on controllable factors such as dedication, motivation,perseverance and diligence, luck being the uncontrollable factor. Read on tofind out the historical trend, which is mostly collected from the MPPSC AnnualReport released every year and other preliminary tips from various sources.

Simple Tips for MPPSC Exam Preparation

•      Readinga lot. It is very important to concentrate and study for success in theseexams.

•      Understandthe "topic" of each question and stick to the exact need of theanswer for an accurate response within a word limit. Write regularly topractice answering questions that require you to analyze, investigate, comment,discuss, etc.

•      Practiceessay writing, how to follow logical steps from introduction to conclusion.

•      Clearyour fundamentals and work on increasing your understanding instead ofmemorizing the amount of information.

•      Rememberthat you are not expected to have specific understanding. Instead focus on howto increase your general awareness.

•      Checkthe trend of questions in previous year exams. Questions are almost neverrepeated but they provide insight into question styles.

•      Keepa regular routine and practice time bound mock tests to understand the timelimit.

•      Followthe news daily.

•      Readthe mppsc notes prepared by you while studying atlast for revision.

Work hardand you can have one of the most respected public sector careers in India. Andfinally, keep your fingers crossed. Chances are some of your remaining 4 lakhfellow candidates are doing the same - hoping for some miracle born in heaven.