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The Victor Magazine Dubai
The Victor Magazine is an Emirati fashion magazine where talents from all walks of life are highlighted front-page.

The Victor Magazine is an Emirati fashion magazine where talents from all walks of life are highlighted front-page. We are a publication and a community that brings you the must-know happenings in fashion, beauty, society, and the latest lifestyle trends. The magazine meets up one-on-one with aspiring designers and budding entrepreneurs on their journey to success, along with the stars who define it. Our content is relevant, explores real issues, and is something you can’t miss if you want to stay in the loop of the most exciting developments.

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Find all the latest articles and news about fashion that include fashion week updates, celebrity style, beauty coverage, cultural reviews, and daily live-feed, including curated daily digest picks, breaking news, business analysis, designer interviews, and exclusive interviews with top fashion designers, behind-the-scenes fashion week coverage, and thoughtful perspectives on the clothes we wear.

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Thus, we bring the latest fashion of 2022 and exceptional outfits by your favorite fashion blogger to help you get inspired to wear the latest fashion

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The Victor Magazine has all that you need to know about different lifestyles. It’s all about the lifestyle to live a happier life and we are constantly looking for new trends that could hold the key to transforming us.

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The Victor Magazine provides a fine dining blog devoted to sharing unique dining experiences and fantastic food with everyone/anyone interested in luxury dining.

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July Issue 14 – The Fame Issue

Over the years we have been enamored by the famous. Inspired by their choices that radiate power, smitten by their swagger that suggests a prowess. Ever wondered about the effects the allure of wealth, preferential treatment, and public adoration do on the famous? Or how the famous are stuck in the perpetual need to keep their fame machine churning life or end up being?

We are goaded by a culture that glorifies celebrity and we become fixated with it as a goal. I am by no means a thought leader to comment on success literature and its fine distinction between fame and infamy. I am an intrigued commoner that has a question – “Is fame worth it”? Well, I am certain of one thing though – with fame subtlety is in short supply.

Most often than not, with fame comes money. But the lure of wealth is not the only thing that makes the path to fame sought worthy. The constant attention and glamor that illuminates the journey are intoxicating in themselves. The famous are watched, heard, and followed. With this comes the nagging urge to do and achieve more. That’s predictable wisdom.

Fame is like a double-sided coin. The world gets to see the sparkling alluring side on display, but just try flipping it once. You get to see the other side, the dark side!

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