The Importance Of Poultry Feed
The Importance Of Poultry Feed
Antimicrobials are widely utilised in chicken operations to promote healthy growth and reduce disease. However, due to the adverse effects of overuse of antibiotics in chicken, the poultry sector is focusing on adopting alternatives to chemical treatments.

The feed for poultry includes feed for chickens, ducks, geese, and other domesticated birds. Before the 20th century, poultry were kept mainly on general farms and fed primarily on insects, grains spilled by horses and cattle, and plants around the farm.


The rise in maize prices is likely to have an impact on poultry feed prices since maize is an important component of chicken feed. Consequently, the expansion of the Poultry Feed market is expected to be hindered by high feed prices. Global population growth is increasing demand for animal proteins such as beef, chicken, and fish, resulting in more revenue for the poultry feed industry.


It is critical to provide the proper nutrition for poultry growth, productivity, and health. Depending on criteria such as bird age and production state, different amounts of energy are required. It is critical to provide appropriate nutrients to the bird in order for it to reach its full productive potential as well as maintain its health. Poor-quality feed that isn't in the proper form or doesn't have the right amount of energy and mix of nutrients can lead to nutritional stress and other health problems.

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