The area where the giant enemy was resting
The area where the giant enemy was resting
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The area where the giant enemy was resting

Check the corner near an entrance to the courtyard. There, you'll find a cave leading to one room with rats and the Fireproof Dried Liver, and another Stonesword Key door. Utilize the second key we have earlier to Elden Ring Runes unlock it and take the chests out to obtain Godslayer's Seal and Godskin Prayerbook.


The area where the giant enemy was resting , there is a tiny room with a special painting. Follow the stairs towards the enemy's large body where there's a Smithing Stone [11] and finally (finally!) your next Spot of Grace in a space at the end of the staircase.


Liftside Chamber.From here, we're close to the boss's chamber, and we can even go back to get there. You can pull the lever on the side of the elevator in order to turn it down, then take it up to get to an impressive rampart, which faces the courtyard. You will find a door at the end of the path and you'll find yourself in a large room packed with magical jar defenders and a large wizard hiding in the back.


Try to draw out the large jar and take on with him first. As you might expect, his attacks are powerful as well as slow. Therefore, just be sure to stay away from the area to entice him into attacking then get in one or two strikes whenever he is in danger. The most important attack to be aware of is his spin which he winds up by turning his body in a slight way.


Remove the smaller jars later, and then look around the corner where the larger one was hiding, to find the two Cracked Pot. Look down the path and you'll see it's been divided in two with two paths that are higher and another that runs down the middle. If you look to the left, you may see another scavenger that you can kill in order to acquire you the Ash of War: Stormcaller. Grab the Kukri 8 from the left side of the stairs Then drop down to the entrance at the bottom of the room. This is where you'll find the boss's gate as well an additional Spot of Grace. Turn on Buy Elden Ring Items the Spot of Grace and rest in case you require, but there's no boss time as of yet.