Robinhood Login Process >>> [909-529-9787]
Robinhood Login Process >>> [909-529-9787]
As I am explaining the process of new account opening to you. That is why I have selected the “Get started” option.

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This link will directly take you to the Robinhood exchange; from there you can do the Robinhood login process.


Robinhood login process for new account opening

If you want to login in then use the above link which will directly take you to the website. After that, there will two options in your left-hand corner from which you have to choose.

i) New account opening process

As I am explaining the process of new account opening to you. That is why I have selected the “Get started” option.

After clicking on that a new page will appear on your screen which will look something like the image I have presented you in the following,

·        As you can see the exchange is asking for your basic details such as your full name email id.

·        Then you have to set a password, be careful as you have remembers it.

·        After that tick the square box.

·        Now click on “Create account”.

·        The website now sends you an email to that email address that has given by you.

You will see the website is asking for verification. Click on “verify email address”. The website will take a few moments then it will open your new account in Robinhood exchange. But the process is still not complete by this time, as you have to go through the remaining two steps to complete the whole process. As without doing the whole process, the exchange will not allow you to do trading.


ii) Secure your account

As I have previously mentioned that Robinhood has some serious issues regarding security. That is also a reason that they make such verification steps mandatory. This step is mandatory for every person who intended to login Robinhood. This process will take just a minute to complete as it contains only two steps to do.

The website will ask for your mobile number as they will send you an OTP to that mobile number. Suppose any spam person tries to invade your account the website will send you an OTP. That means someone is trying to log in without your permission. In such a situation, the exchange will send you an alert about the fact and you can take necessary action regarding it. This is a vital step because if you won’t complete it the exchange won’t allow you to do trading.

·        After putting the mobile number in the second place an OTP will be provided to your phone number.

·        Then write that number to the code section.

·        Now your mobile number will be verified as soon you click on continue.

·        You will see your account is ready by this time. But to be more precise I would suggest you do the next process that is “Account levels”.


iii) Account levels

This is the third step of the Robinhood account opening process. At this third step, the website will be asking for your details, such as name, address in details, and some other vital info. Then in the next step, they will ask you for your id verification for that you can use your pan card, passport, Aadhar number, etc. As soon as you verify your id the website will approve you. Now you can trade in crypto coins. You can buy or sell crypto coins, add funds to your account, and all the other things.

First, you have to complete all three processes. Only after that, the exchange will allow you for trading in cryptocurrency. After all the verification you can buy or sell Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), and other crypto coins.


Robinhood Login Process for Existing Account

Go to the Robinhood website then click on the Sign in. A page will appear which will ask you for an email id and password. In this section, you have to write that email id that you used previously to open an account in Robinhood exchange now write the password that you used previously. The page will look something like the image which I have attached in the following


Robinhood Website Navigation

After login to the Robinhood website, there will be some options which are Price, Learn, Individuals, Business, Developers, and Company. In the following, we shall look into these options to understand their uses


The very first option is Price. As soon as you click on it you will see the best cryptocurrency to trade in. not only that there shall be also some other option such as

Tradable: This will suggest those crypto-coins have high volume and are found to be profitable for you to trade-in.

Gainers: Suppose you want to see a summarized version of all those cryptocurrencies which are doing well in today’s market, If you simply click on the Gains option the website will show all the cryptocurrencies which have gained profit today. Even The website will present you in descending order.

Losers: In this section, you will see those crypto coins which did not perform well on that day. That means those cryptocurrencies are going through a downtrend.

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