ReshaMandi is an ecosystem for the natural fiber supply chain in the form of an agri-tech application, beginning from the farm to the retail industry as it connects the spectrum of farmers, silk weavers, and retailers but before we talk further reshamandi about ReshaMandi let’s know a few facts about silk.

Silk is the most beautiful textile fabric in the world, also known as the queen of textile fabrics. Did you know that a silk rope is stronger than an equally thick metal wire? Yes, you read it right, a silk rope is as strong as an equally thick metal wire.

Our wardrobe is incomplete without silk garments, especially saris for women. Saris are kind of a cultural symbol for our country’s weaving communities.

Mulberry silk is the highest quality silk available on the market, it is 100% natural, odorless and nontoxic in addition to that mulberry silk contains Sericin an element that reduces the chances of allergy, which makes it the best-selling silk in India.

This type of silk is produced in the Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Mysore, West Bengal, Karnataka, and, Andhra Pradesh.

ReshaMandi: A Startup Making Silk Accessible to All

ReshaMandi helps silk reelers procure cocoons consistently which is quality assured and cost-effective, coupled with, a 1-click platform for market linkage of silk yarn.

This company makes sure that well-graded cocoons are procured from the farmer, and supplied to the reelers who make the highest quality of