Pyrogen Testing Services
Pyrogen Testing Services
Pyrogen Testing Market

For over 30 years, we've been doing in vivo pyrogen testing with speed and accuracy, providing quick sample turnaround and technical competence. We use our own specific-pathogen-free rabbits in our specialised Good Manufacturing Practices compliant facilities to undertake this crucial component of our clients' quality control programme. Protein-based, non-protein, and blood-based materials are among the test items. Both IMPs and approved medicinal products can be tested for pyrogenicity.


When testing for non-endotoxin pyrogens and other products for which LAL is insufficient, the rabbit pyrogen test (RPT) remains a suitable mammalian test paradigm. Regulatory authorities may also need one-time pyrogen testing to support endotoxin testing routinely. All in vivo rabbit pyrogen assays follow the USP, European, and/or Japanese Pharmacopeia.



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