Procure a Crowdfunding Script and support different social causes
Procure a Crowdfunding Script and support different social causes
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Not everyone has adequate financial resources in their hands. Some people need money for handling emergencies. However, not everyone will donate cash. This is where the concept of crowdfunding comes into the picture.

A small number of people will contribute a certain amount of money. After some time, a large corpus will be available. These funds can be used for supporting both personal problems and social issues. Nowadays, crowdfunding campaigns are conducted transparently on the Internet. 

There are exclusive platforms like GoFundMe, ImpactGuru, Milaap, and Ketto. In this tough economic crisis, entrepreneurs can offer great value to society by launching a customized Crowdfunding clone app. They can approach a skilled app development company and get a world-class Crowdfunding script

What are the notable features of a Crowdfunding clone app?

Social media login option - New users can register on a Crowdfunding clone app by syncing their Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. Hence, they can start requesting funds from potential donors soon.   

Top Fundraisers section - People can check the list of popular crowdfunding campaigns. They can view real-time information about the amount raised till now, names of the beneficiaries, number of donors, and the total funding target. Further, users can share details about the online fundraising campaign on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Slack, TikTok, Twitter, WhatsApp, and YouTube. 

 Various fundraising categories - People can initiate a crowdfunding campaign for different purposes. Generally, they can select options like Education, Emergency, Medical, Memorial, and Non-Profit. 

Provision of 24x7 technical support - Owners of a Crowdfunding clone script should offer round the clock technical assistance to both beneficiaries and donors. Users can approach the Help Centre via email, live chat, and phone. They can sort out problems related to account management, privacy, refunds, tax deduction, and withdrawal of funds.  

Wrapping Up

Importantly, crowdfunding platforms are attracting more users these days. They are playing a major role in raising money for expensive medicines and uplifting the lives of the downtrodden. Moreover, it has reduced the gap between the poor and the rich. Hence, entrepreneurs with social responsibility can obtain a Crowdfunding clone script from a specialized app development company. 

They will earn a commission (percentage of total donation amount), income from the publishing of strategic advertisements, and transaction processing fees. Come out with a Crowdfunding clone app now and reduce the gap between beneficiaries and donors.