Knowing the Pros. and Cons. of Built in Wardrobes
Knowing the Pros. and Cons. of Built in Wardrobes
When houses first started being built they weren’t designed to take into account the space needed for storing clothes or other things people had.

When houses first started being built they weren’t designed to take into account the space needed for storing clothes or other things people had. Over time, as people started accumulating wealth and looks started to be a concern, they started to feel the need for a storage solution that would help them keep their clothes clean and nicely organized. This is how the built in wardrobes were born. They were first named fitted wardrobe, because people would fit them to the space they had in their house. Fast forwarding into the present and you can see a new innovation in the wardrobe industry: the sliding wardrobe doors.

Why Did the Sliding Wardrobe Doors Appear?

Back in the day, when wardrobes first appeared, doors would be attached classically, with the help of hinges. At that moment this was regarded as the best way of constructing a wardrobe. The structure of the wardrobe itself consisted of several pre-constructed frames that were then fixed to the ground, to the walls, to the ceiling and to each other in order to make the whole thing rigid. Then the doors were added and the wardrobe was complete.

The hinged doors allowed the owner the possibility of easy access to the entire space inside the wardrobe in one move, but that meant that the doors would take up some of the space in front of the wardrobe itself. This is why, when measuring for a built in wardrobe with hinged doors, you should always take into the space necessary in front of it for properly using it. This is why the  sliding wardrobe doors  were invented. Because they do not open outwards, these doors don’t take up any of the space in front of the wardrobe, being really useful in small apartments or rooms.

The sliding doors move on a rail that is placed in the protruding front parts of the wardrobe. They have small wheels or sliders that help them move across the railing. Because if this system, sliding wardrobe doors are more safe than hinged ones, because it’s harder for them to come off the rail and fall. The doors are placed one in front of the other so that when they slide open, one goes behind the other. Although a space saving solution with a great design, the siding doors do have some drawbacks. Firstly, they cannot open all at the same time. This means that you can only access one compartment of the wardrobe at a time.

The Pros. and Cons. of Built in Wardrobes

Although  built in wardrobes  are great storage systems that can really help anybody keep a tidy house, they sometimes have some weak points. For instance, being a fixed structure, once the compartments of the built-in wardrobes have been defined, you cannot really modify them. You can add an additional shelf or drawer maybe, but no major modification can be made to the storage unit as a full.

Also, because they are fixed to the ground and ceiling, putting a built in wardrobe in place can be quite tricky. Although you might be good with a screwdriver around the house, you should leave the installing of wardrobes to the professionals. This means that before you rush to buy new cloth-hangers, you should meet with the carpenter doing the job or the people from the shop doing the installation and figure out where and how to best place it without getting in the way of something else. Make sure you take into account any wires going behind where the wardrobe will be, any light switches, heat or water pipes etc. Once in place it’s hard to take it out.

On the plus side, built in wardrobes can be fully customizable, in order to fit in any house and room décor. Everything, from its size, shape, number and type of compartments, color, finish and many more can be used by you to leave your mark on it and really bring the room together. A well designed built in wardrobe can be the focal point of a room, without sticking out an inch. This is the real beauty of these types of wardrobes.

Wardrobes have become an integral part of modern life. A hose with sufficient storage space can increase in value over the years. Constructors and designers are now paying more attention than ever to storage spaces, especially to wardrobes and closets.