Get Onboard the New Memecoin Metaverse Token and Begin Your Joyride — Shelon
Get Onboard the New Memecoin Metaverse Token and Begin Your Joyride — Shelon
Now enjoy your reflections in the Metaverse as Shelon surpasses every other coin.

NEWSDESK, SEPTEMBER 06, 2022 - Memecoin Shelon has risen to the top as the number one Metaverse Token leaving behind some of the other popular ones. $SHELON holders can now see their reflections in the Metaverse Token LakeViewMeta $LVM quite easily. Shelon's token is now even more compelling for holders as it becomes a $LVM Reflection, P2E Game and NFT Project. Not to mention, the various NFT artworks of Shelon are having such fantastic sales that they are consistently Sold Out.

Since Shelon cooperates with LakeViewMeta, clients have a great news served to them. LakeViewMeta is the token that has been giving some strong competition with Metaverse Giants as Sandbox and Decentraland. LakeViewMeta has partnered with $SHELON BSC. They have also agreed to make $SHELON BSC the official reflections token of LakeViewMeta and their metaverse.

Shelon was developed as a word game with using a female version of the famous entrepreneur, Elon Musk. $SHELON holders used to see reflections of Elon Musk's Memecoin $DOGE. But starting September 2022, Memecoin Metaverse $SHELON token holders will have a new reward token accredited to their to them. Their rewards will be given to them in the new Metaverse and Gaming token LakeViewMeta - $LVM.

"We are overjoyed with the response we have received for $SHELON. We are going to go even bigger starting this September with our own Metaverse Reflections in the Metaverse Token LakeViewMeta $LVM. Not only are our investors excited about the future, we are also excited to be in talks with some of the major players in the industry who have shown an interest. Our $SHELON Metaverse Reflections has tremendous potential with the backing we have and this is only going to get bigger. Come be a part of $SHELON today!", said the owner of Shelon.


Shelon is an LVM Reflection Metaverse Token and NFT marketplace. It is currently the number one Memecoin Metaverse surpassing some of the other popular ones.