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Breaking News, Trending News India, Sports News for Today
Latest News for India Today: Read breaking news, top news headlines and stay tuned to find India news around sports, trending and tech at your1stnews.

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Latest News for India Today: Read breakingnews, top news headlines and stay tuned to find India news around sports, trendingand tech at your1stnews.

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HERE IS REAL PROBLEMS (COVID-19) : This Indian PoliticianTweets on issues

In the hour of coronavirus emergency in india numerousindividuals confronting issue out of which a few people can't be reached bygovernment and noobody cam help them.

lockdown is raising hell to needy individuals it is absurd toexpect to fulfill everyone's needs.

Watching all conditions in india Akhilesh Yadav tweets abouttha genuine issues in india in coronavirus panedemic.He is discussing theissues of needy individuals just as shortage of testing units utilized forcoronavirus test.

"Insufficient testing packs for individuals.Insufficient Personal Protective Equipment for social insurance laborers.Insufficient dinners to take care of poor people.

These are the genuine difficultiestoday."          

Numerous individuals' are concur with Akhilesh yadav's tweetand indicated their side by remarking on twitter.

CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK LATEST UPDATE: In India no. of Coronviruscases are nearly multiplied

India records higher no. of crown persistent in a day,600 newcases has seen in india in just recent hours. Complete no. of pateint ofcoronavirus reaches out to 2900. High pace of bob of coronavirus is found inthe states like andhra pradesh,Tamil nadu just as Delhi consistently. No.ofpassing is exteneded upto 68,in which in excess of 10 passings are recorded inrecent hours. No.of live patients of corornaviurs is more than 2500 the nationover this is reports of Health and government assistance service of india andthe no.of individuals recouped from COVID-19 is some place upto 180.

The state considered hotspot of coronavirus is Maharashtraand furthermore most seriously affected by coronavirus over the india. Onfriday 80+ individuals tried coronavirus postive just in maharashtra andfurthermore have record of most noteworthy passings over the india where no.ofdemise is 19.

New instances of coronavirus is for the most part haverealtion to the jamad that was held in delhi nizamuddin in earlier monthcolossal no.of 647 cases india has from it.

Coronvirus understanding which have association from delhijamad are trapped in delhi,jammu kashmir, andaman nicovar just as numerousstates.

Cases in Delhi and Tamil nadu has expanded out of the bluewere delhi recorded new 160+ cases on friday and Tamil nadu recorded upto 100cases in recent hours

Promotion of caes os seen in Andhra pardesh,Telangana just askerala.




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