5 Supply chain management trends for 2021
5 Supply chain management trends for 2021
The coronavirus pandemic appended many industries alongside their supply chains.

The coronavirus pandemic appended many industries alongside their supply chains. E-Commerce brands and industries depending on supply chain management will have to re-look at the pandemic's effect on their working principles in the future. An urgent need for resilience in supply chain management has become evident. Let us take a look at the supply chain Trends for 2021.

  1. Resilience

2020 has brought an Unexpected change to supply chain management. Supply chain experts worldwide agree that resilience will be the first quality to determine a company's supply chain's success. The three important qualities of a successful supply chain are viz., end-to-end shipment tracking, quick responsiveness to disruption in data, and adaptability to real-time change in information.

  1. Sustainability

The pandemic has taught the world important lessons in sustainability. Industries and people across the world have come to realize the importance of sustainability now more than ever. So a supply chain management with sustainable operation principles will become the need of the hour in 2021. Supply chains that keep in consideration electricity transportation and sustainable packaging materials will take center stage this year.

  1. Earlier the better

The E-Commerce industry witnessed a predicted and expected boom in 2020. Retailers have been observing that shoppers have not missed out on going to stores physically. E-Commerce customer support has, in turn, started encouraging shoppers to shop early to avoid instances of 'no stock' or 'delayed delivery.'

  1. Reshoring of essential industries

Research shows that reshoring will be a leading trend in2021; this especially holds true for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Relying on and offshore locations for the production of vital products no longer makes sense. Each country wants to be self-reliant when it comes to essentials, making offshoring an essential move for many industries this year.

  1. Driven by technology

Like all other industries, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies have affected the supply chain industry. In 2021 experts predict that AI governance will be quite visible in the supply chain industry.

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