We maintain and updates your website regularly
We maintain and updates your website regularly
Regular updates and maintenance of the website are important to ensure that the website is running at full capacity. That’s why we manage website has come with manage my website service with best pricing

Whether you want to get some content added or some image changed or add a brand new section to any page, our WordPress website management service takes care of it all. Whenever you want to get any change done, just drop us an email and our team will get it done. It’s really as simple as that.

Website hacking is very common nowadays. We add a multi-tier security layer to the website. This includes managing the ports that are open, adding firewall, DDoS protection (via Cloudflare) and more. This secures the website as well as the server.

Your website is made up of WordPress, theme, multiple plugin plugins, PHP, and Database. All of these get regular updates. As a part of our website management service, we take care of all the necessary updates to ensure your website stays up-to-date.

We take care of your website hosting as well. We host websites on servers of Amazon or similar.  On those servers, we install the the industry best tech stack. This provides both security as well as fast performance to the website. Your emails will keep working the way they do currently  and will remain with your existing host.

We are very serious about WordPress website backups. Multiple backups are taken of a website and stored in different locations. Hourly backups are taken and stored on the servers. Weekly backups are taken and stored off-site on Amazon as well as non-Amazon servers. In addition to this, regular server backup are also taken. So if something goes wrong with your website, it can be restored from the most recent backup