We have the Best Printing Technology that Helps us to Make Amazing Custom Food Boxes for Our Clients
We have the Best Printing Technology that Helps us to Make Amazing Custom Food Boxes for Our Clients
There are different ways to print your noodle boxes but before jumping to that, have a look at how printing boxes can help you gain a position in the market.

We have the Best Printing Technology that Helps us to Make Amazing Custom Food Boxes for Our Clients

Custom Noodle Boxes

Custom Noodle Boxes - Previously boxes were used to secure a product during shipping but now with the latest technology, we use custom printing and designing on boxes to lure new customers. Custom printed food boxes are also a gift of modern technology that food producers use to attract new customers. There are different ways to print your noodle boxes but before jumping to that, have a look at how printing boxes can help you gain a position in the market.

• Unique prints on boxes help your brand get a differentiated look. It does me let your product drown in a sea of other packaging boxes. Custom printed boxes set your brand apart from competitors and make your products prominent. 

• Print a logo on top of the box to create a personal connection with the customer. This will make your brand memorable and noteworthy. 

• Print product-related information on top of the box to help customers in choosing the right product. This will develop customer's trust in your brand.

• You can print your brand details to encourage repeat purchases.

• Printing eco-friendly signs on green packaging will build customer trust in the brand.

• Printing is alone nothing if your design is not unique enough to make your brand stand out from the competition. Both of them combine together to bring your brand elevated sales and profits  

• Choosing correct printing is important as your brand will be seen through your packaging.

CustomBoxesZone is a renowned packaging provider. We have the latest printing machines and a professional team that will create a unique box from scratch for your brand. 

Let's Take a Look at Top Printing Methods CustomBoxesZone Offer

Digital Printing 

Digital printing has countless applications. In this method, ink is directly applied to the box without any printing plates. Digital printing is good for short runs and is highly effective in producing top high prints for burger boxes and labels in fast turnaround times. Offset printing is economical and is cheap as it can create bulk orders in no time. Offset printing makes the boxes highly attractive which can increase the chances of a sale.

Flexographic Printing 

Flexographic printing is an old and most basic printing method. In this method first, we create prints on the plates and then transfer them to the packaging material. It can create prints with lightning orders and is considered best for simple as well as complex designs.

How We Process

Well, the process at CustomBoxesZone is fairly simple. When you choose the material, size, and other aspects of your custom food box, we ask you to upload your desired designs. You can ask our designers to create a unique design too. Once your artwork is final, our technicians will review it and will inform you about any changes to be made. Once everything is final and we get your approval we will start the printing process. We only use good grade inks for all the custom food boxes to ensure no toxins come in contact with food. We use high-end graphics to ensure perfect prints. We also offer unlimited customization options for boxes. Choose from our wide finishing options like:

• Add a gloss lamination to the box to make the box waterproof and shiny. 

• Choose a matte surface for a luxury touch. 

• Add window pane to let customers drool over the packed yumminess. 

• Foil stamping in gold or silver to highlight the brand and give the box a luxurious look 

• Embossing to make logo pop out or deboss it to make logo deep 

• Spot UV to highlight the specific area and give it a shiny look 

• Handles to make food box handling and carrying easy for customers. 

We have the capacity to cater to all sorts and numbers of orders. We strive hard for customer satisfaction and work precisely to make sure boxes are perfect. We have no tolerance for errors and mistakes, we believe in perfect food packaging boxes only. Our lead time for custom food boxes printing after artwork is approved is 3 to 5 working days. We also offer free delivery of all boxes to save your shipping costs. 

Contact us to get spectacular food boxes. If you want guidelines on artworks, our representative will answer all your queries.


Food boxes are in great demand due to the increased food delivery business. Foodies not only want a perfect taste of food but also want good presentation. Custom food boxes are perfect for luring customers to try your food. The best thing about custom food boxes is you can customize their size, material, printing, font, and design. CustomBoxesZone provides amazing food boxes with the latest printing options. We use digital and offset printing technology to ensure boxes have perfect prints. Our color model CYMK and PMS yield high-resolution prints. We only use food-grade inks. We print your logo on custom food boxes to establish your name in the market.  Our food boxes are highly irresistible and they make customers mouth water. When you present your food in our boxes, customers will be stun by the beauty of the box and would buy food without a second thought.