Uncle Kelvin is here to listen to your individual or corporate requirements and suggest the most appropriate plan to suit your needs. From family income protection to life insurance with critical illness, Kelvin works hand-in-hand with one of Hong Kongs’ main insurance providers to offer you: LIFE & HEALTH PROTECTION, FINANCIAL PLANNING


At age 35, Ben and his wife gave birth to a baby boy. He wanted to give his newborn son the best education possible, so he found a flexible savings plan with the help of Uncle Kelvin. For 5 years he paid a premium of US$25.000 per year, totalling US$125.000.

Following this insurance savings plan, Ben was able to help fund his son’s university tuition, whilst still having the funds and flexibility to help finance his own retirement and/or help his son get a head start in life. If his son is financially stable he may retain the policy for the duration of his life, and even his son’s life, as well.


Advancements in medical technology mean people have a much higher chance of surviving a critical illness. But illnesses such as cancer or heart disease can often be a recurring battle, taking a long term toll on one’s health and financial stability.

Uncle Kelvin invites you to take a deeper look at how a comprehensive critical illness protection policy can not only help cover medical costs, but also provide financial relief against burdens brought about by disability, and ultimately ensure your family’s financial stability in the event of your passing.

Combining life insurance with critical illness and personal accident insurance is also an option. Contact Kelvin below for more details.

Who Am I

Hi, my name is Kelvin, but everyone calls me Uncle Kelvin. My favourite thing in the entire world is to be active with my wife and son: visiting Disneyland, going out to restaurants, exploring Hong Kong’s outlying islands, etc. My Family is my everything. Therefore I have done everything in my power to protect them, myself, and this wonderful way of life.


It would be my pleasure to be your financial advisor and guide you through this same process, because I understand there are unavoidable risks that aren’t worth risking.

I have worked in the insurance industry for over 10 years and I am now one of the many insurance intermediaries working with one of Hong Kong’s main insurance providers. I’m fully qualified and experienced to suggest the plan that best fits your needs.  Please fill in the contact form below to start protecting what matters most to you.