SafeMoon Clone Script Software
SafeMoon Clone Script Software
SafeMoon Clone Script -

SafeMoon Clone Script

SafeMoon Clone Script is the ready-made solution that helps to launch your own Crowdfunding Protocol and community-driven decentralized token like Safemoon. Our Safemoon clone script is designed and delivered the premium features of Safemoon.

White-label SafeMoon Clone Software

White label SafeMoon clone software is a DeFi token protocol clone software of the popular crowdfunding platform “SafeMoon”. They cover all the features and specialized functions that the SafeMoon token has. It is a fully developed and multi-tested software that is ready for deployment. SafeMoon clone software is developed using cutting-edge technologies and avant-garde infrastructure.  At Developcoins, we provide the premium SafeMoon clone software that has no need for further improvements and can build a ready-to-launch SafeMoon like community-driven DeFi token protocol with customization features.

Benefits of our SafeMoon Clone Software

SafeMoon Clone Software is integrated of four major functionalities like


  • Static Rewards

  • Reflection

  • Manual Burns

  • Automatic Liquidity Pool

  • And more

Major Benefits and Advantages of our BEP-20 like DeFi Token on Binance Smart Chain

  • Immutable Token Contract

  • Faster Performance

  • 100% Transparent & decentralized

  • Low Transaction Fee

  • High-end Security

  • Borderless Transaction

  • Complete Ownership

  • And more


Create a DeFi token like SafeMoon on Binance Smart Chain is the ideal choice that makes secure transactions and rapid payments on various business industries and enterprises. These types of DeFi token development can be used in trading and other purposes. It makes transaction easy and entirely remove the third-party or middlemen activities. You can create and launch your community-driven DeFi token like SafeMoon and enhance financial transactions and services in numerous sectors.


Developcoins is a leading DeFi development company, provides the best DeFi Clone Scripts to create DeFi exchange other protocols like Uniswap, Pancakeswap, AAVE, Compound, Sushiswap, 1inch exchange, and many more. We provide state-of-the-art DeFi clone script-based DeFi exchange solutions for startups and entrepreneurs to start their businesses in the DeFi sector.


We provide a completely customizable Bug-free SafeMoon clone script with all the updated features in an authorized amount of time.


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