React remains to be one of the best JavaScript libraries. It is used for front end development. Interface design using React tends to establish user centric outcomes and cross platform support.


React remains to be one of the best JavaScript libraries. It is used for front end development. Interface design using React tends to establish user centric outcomes and cross platform support. The solutions are immensely scalable and supports MVP development. The following numbers boast about the benefits as well.

  • React is used for6% of all website front ends.
  • React Version 16 has a 3% market share.
  • As of 2021, React library is being used by 9,282,828
  • It is the 3rd most popular JavaScript library in the world.

Industry big shots such as Wix, Udemy, Alibaba, and LinkedIn along with a plethora of others are enjoying React in 2021. But the fact remains that if you are looking to hire a React developer worth their salt, it is imperative that you look for certain skills and ken that defines a good developer. The web development landscape is an ever-evolving spectrum. Changes occur from tech to trends. And it comes as n o surprise that any developer you hire must be proficient in the currency to future-proof your business.




  • The Essentials

The basic requisites demanded from a React developer is HTML, CSS, and of course, JavaScript. The developer must know how to structure a page using HTML and stylize it using CSS. The interactivity of a webpage stems from the developer’s JavaScript knowledge.


  • GIT

Git understanding is an inevitable skill in 2021. The developer must have already made few repositories and know how to download code on IDE.



Security is at the forefront in 2021. The developer that you are looking to hire must be proficient in request methods such as OPTIONS, DELETE, PATCH, PUT, POST, and GET among others.


  • Terminal

Linux or Terminal does not belong under the tool kit of a front-end developer. But in 2021, where a holistic view of development is paramount, the developer must be adept in shell configuration in terminal such as bash, zsh, and csh.


  • Data Structure

Algorithms and data structures fall under general programming skills and ae not unique to front-end development.


  • Software Architecture

Learning design patterns and software architecture is not exclusive to front end developers, but is a pre-requisite for every programmer. The developer must be well versed in design patterns that have been tested for usual problems.


  • Build Tools

Tools pertaining to build, unit testing, and debugging is an imperative piece of ken for any React developer. They must have an adroit understanding of package managers such as Webpack, Parcel, gulp, pnpm, yarn, Task Runners, and npm among others.


  • State Management

Another absolutely crucial area for React developers to familiarize themselves with is state management. Frameworks and concepts such as Context API, Redux, Async, Helpers, Rematch, Data Persistence, MobX, and React Hooks must be a sine-qua-non in the developer’s toolkit.

As usual, the list just accentuates the mist crucial skills to look for in React developers. As tech and trends advance, the diligence and holistic approach taken by the developers matter a lot. Let us sum up with some more skills to look for and a delightful tip on who to hire.



Apart from the above-mentioned skills, any developer that you are considering must also be proficient in other aspects such as type checkers, form helpers, routing, and API clients along with others. REST, GraphQL, and utility libraries such as Lodash, Moment, RxJS, Ramda, and Numeral must also be looked for under their skill set. Last but not the least, Internationalization through React Intl and React i18next stands to be the next crucial point. Server-side rendering is also a must. Next.js, After.js, and Rogue server side rendering must also form a crucial part of what you are looking for.

Finally, look for expertise in static site generator, backend framework integration, and VR based applications. Now for the delightful tip that we promised. If you are looking to hire someone with all these technical faculties and then some, you have landed at the right spot. Orion eSolution is a digital doyen with immense experience and a track record of crafting solutions that future-proof businesses. Visit to find out more about how our React development team can help you establish a powerful digital presence and be certain about growth in this uncertain landscape.


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