HubBroker : 5 Reasons to Adopt the Inventory Inquiry/Advice
HubBroker : 5 Reasons to Adopt the Inventory Inquiry/Advice
An EDI 846 can be sent by suppliers at different frequencies, ranging from multiple times a day to a few times a week. The Inventory Inquiry/Advice is most commonly used in e-commerce order fulfillment, specifically for drop shipping.

The EDI 846 Inventory Inquiry/Advice has turned into a fundamental EDI document because of demand in dropshipping and online/e-commerce business. The EDI 846 enables organizations to streamline inventory updates, which benefits the two purchasers (retailers or distributors) and dealers (sellers or providers). This EDI document is basic for companies that need to venture into omnichannel retailing, which needs cutting-edge inventory data.


What is the EDI 846 (Inventory Inquiry/Advice)?

The Inventory Inquiry/Advice is an EDI archive used to convey stock levels. This document gives data on whether there is adequate stock close by to be delivered, sold electronically, or reordered. 

Rather than calling or messaging, purchasers utilize an electronic Inventory Inquiry to ask dealers how much stock they have available. Thusly, dealers give the Inventory Advice record to prompt purchasers about their accessible stock. 


The EDI 846 assists associations with accomplishing 

genuine stock visibility. E-commerce business retailers can show the number of items they “have” in stock, regardless of whether not every last bit of it is available in their distribution center. In that circumstance, we’re really seeing the providers’ stock counts, thanks to the EDI data available.

The EDI 846 can be communicated a couple of times each week or even a few times each day. Retailers basically use it to deal with their online business sites. Yet, the Inventory Inquiry/Advice can likewise be utilized for brick-and-mortar locations.


How do buyers benefit from EDI 846 compliance?

Getting exceptional stock information from suppliers offers huge advantages for buying firms.


Increased sales

Retailers can sell things with more certainty by realizing their provider has the product in stock. Ordinarily, they can build eCommerce business sales by 3 to 5 percent by keeping products on the website longer dependent on providers’ stock availability.

Eliminate out-of-stocks


Moreover, let the inquirer know how much stock is available right now. The EDI archive additionally conveys what will be accessible sooner rather than later. This stock visibility is fundamental for meeting customers’ expectations. Offering a product online that is unavailable can contrarily influence the client experience. With the EDI 846, buying organizations can lessen out-of-stocks by 1 to 2 percent through information on primary and secondary product sourcing.


Decrease stock conveying costs

By further developing transparency into suppliers’ current and future stock availability, buying organizations can further develop stock turns. Normally, they can reduce warehouse safety stock and store by up to 5 percent.


How can suppliers benefit?

Has your retail client requested that you follow an EDI 846 requirement? Here are a few advantages for your firm (EDI consistency).


Increase Sales

When retailers realize you have stock available, you can boost sales. Giving the stock data in the EDI 846 gives your retail clients trust in your ability to fulfill an order. Likewise, your purchasers will have the understanding to prevent potential out-of-stocks and make the most of overload opportunities. Simultaneously, you’ll build brand loyalty with your retailer.


Diminish manual orders

The EDI 846 can assist you with diminishing the quantity of manual non-stock/exceptional orders. By giving updated stock data, you can finish the order cycle electronically with your retail trading partners. This allows time-saving and decreases the potential mistakes.


Thinking about planning the EDI 846 yourself?

The most widely recognized challenge with the EDI 846 is EDI mapping. EDI maps give the detailed EDI specifications needed by a particular trading partner matched to your solution. You will require an extraordinary EDI map to network your business with each of your trading partners. When a trading accomplice needs changes, your team should update the EDI maps. Mapping issues can make an EDI transaction fail.

Here is the solution to eradicate mistakes and errors from your EDI issues and to completely rely on EDI providers like HubBroker. We take full responsibility for undertaking your trading partner needs and make mapping changes accordingly. 

Contact us today to learn more about our EDI services and how we can help streamline your business.