Reasons That Make Mobi Group A Must Visit Mobile Shop Destination
Reasons That Make Mobi Group A Must Visit Mobile Shop Destination
Mobi Group is a trusted company you can contact for getting wholesale refurbished cell phones.

There is an increasing competition in the mobile phone market at the global level. With logistics coming into the picture, multinational sellers are dominating the market with the highest amount of sales. However, when it comes to new phones UK, you will be surprised that some companies are giving tough competition to the logistic giants. This is because of specialization in selling a particular product. This specialization results in better contacts with wholesale stockers and better connectivity. One such company that is dominating the UK mobile phone market is Mobi Group.

Mobi Group is a leading company that is known for providing new mobile phone deals UK and refurbished mobile phones at the most competitive prices in the market. They are a well established supplier of mobile phones that is highly rated among their customers and has a big reputation among the locals and international customers. They have more than 10 years of experience as a supplier of mobile phones in the UK. Within these years, they have established a permanent clientele with the most repeat customers in the area. Currently they have multiple outlets that are based in the UK and Ireland.

Next, let’s look at some important features of Mobi Group that makes them special:

1. International Shipping: Mobi Group has premium delivery partners that are experts in delivery materials across the world. Other than a restricted list of countries that you can find on their website’s FAQ section, their items are available to order and deliver at all locations.

2. Wholesale Rates: Mobi Group works hard in providing items with the most affordable prices to their customers. This is because of their wholesale seller network and multiple dealership locations across the region. But, you should not think that they have made compromises in quality because of their affordable prices. The products available on their website come with a legitimate manufacturer certificate that has been verified by companies in the UK.

3. Grading System: The refurbished handset available on Mobi Group’s website comes with a unique grading system. They have designated grades to help their customers with a satisfying online purchase. These grades are named as A-Grade for minimally used phones that are fully tested and show no signs of imperfections and marks and A/B category for those phones that are used moderately and show some signs of minor scratches and dents. Other categories are also classified in the similar manner.

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