Everything You Should Know About Aluminum Windows
Everything You Should Know About Aluminum Windows
Aluminum Windows

Everything You Should Know About Aluminum Windows

In the past, aluminum windows were less popular than plastic or wood windows. This was because the metal frames had a high thermal conductivity and were produced exclusively in gray shades. Today, aluminum window structures are able to compete with PVC or wood profiles. They often glaze buildings of industrial facilities, as well as balconies located on weak concrete foundations.

Advantages and disadvantages of aluminum windows

The advantages of aluminum windows:

Elegant, stylish, and modern

Thanks to clear lines and minimalist frames, aluminum structures are undeniably attractive and aesthetically pleasing. These features make aluminum windows an ideal choice for modern real estate and high-rise buildings, although their elegant style can also be adapted to stylish private home designs.

Energy efficient

Modern aluminum windows make it easy to achieve a reduction in heat loss by several tens of percent, which means that less energy is required to heat the house. The "warm" aluminum profile with a thermal break allows them to compete in this aspect with wooden and plastic windows. This is partly due to the introduction of polyamide technology, which has improved the energy efficiency of aluminum glazing, providing key benefits for both homeowners and businesses looking to save on their heat and energy bills.

Strong yet lightweight

Aluminum has a very high strength-to-weight ratio. This means that in order for windows to withstand large amounts of glazing, less material is required compared to alternative window profile materials.


Aluminum profiles are durable powder coated. This is a painting process only available for aluminum windows that makes each of the selected colors intense and vibrant. Compared to the conventional films needed to add color to PVC window frames, the powder coating process is much more efficient and reliable.


These windows are suitable for both residential and commercial premises. Due to its minimalist frame and versatility, aluminum is the material of choice for use in high-rise buildings, new buildings, and commercial structures.


Aluminum is one of the easily recyclable metals, making it the right choice for those who want to be more sustainable. Only 5% of the energy needed to produce an average aluminum window is needed to recycle it, which, combined with the product's inherent energy-saving properties, results in a more environmentally friendly material option.


Aluminum structures can last up to 50 years. While high water and air tightness is a standard benefit of most aluminum windows and doors, the added anti-corrosion properties make them extremely easy to maintain and extend their lifespan. Unlike other materials, warping, cracking, or rotting is simply impossible, and its high strength-to-weight ratio makes it difficult to deform.

Suitable for many styles 

Aluminum windows can be given almost any shape and size (within reason, of course) while maintaining the natural strength of the material. In addition, there are many options for adapting aluminum windows to the interior, from glazing options to profile finishes in a wide range of colors.

Narrow lines - more light

Another advantage of extremely narrow aluminum window profiles is their ability to illuminate the space. Particularly useful in commercial applications - it gives shoppers a peek inside the retail space. In homes, this allows for closer contact with nature.

Flexible solution

Aluminum windows are an intermediate option between PVC and wood windows, and not only in terms of price. Duralumin is usually less expensive than wood, requires less effort in terms of maintenance, and has more design flexibility. However, some argue that aluminum windows will never be as attractive as wood windows. For them, too, there is a solution that allows you to combine the best of both worlds - wooden windows with aluminum lining.


Disadvantages of aluminum windows:


To be honest, windows made based on an aluminum profile don’t have any drawbacks at the moment. Previously, customers complained about their high thermal conductivity, because of which it was cold on the balconies, up to the appearance of frost on the frames. But, today this problem is solved. Inside the profile, special polymer thermal inserts are inserted to improve its thermal insulation properties.


The fact that aluminum does not allow air to pass through is not a disadvantage, because this feature is also characteristic of plastic and wood profiles. The main thing is to take care of ventilation by ordering windows with a micro-ventilation function or by installing a supply valve.

Which aluminum profile to order, cold or warm?

The order of an aluminum window profile will largely depend on the purpose of the room that is planned to be glazed. In unheated production workshops, warehouses, parking lots, verandas, and windows with a cold profile are often installed.


What does cold mean? This is when there is only one air chamber inside the frames without a heat insulator. The thermal conductivity of aluminum is about 1000 times higher than that of the same PVC, so it heats up much faster and more strongly in the heat and cools down in the winter.


But the profile system of warm execution is more complex. There are several cavities inside the structure, one of which contains a polyamide insert. Such windows can glaze apartments, in particular balconies, without fear that the frames will be covered with ice.

The choice of double-glazed windows

Glass occupies most of the window, therefore, even when choosing a warm aluminum profile, one should not forget about the need to install a good double-glazed window. The best solution would be to buy a double-glazed window. It will provide reliable protection against cold and noise.


And in order to protect your apartment from intruders, you can order an impact-resistant triplex double-glazed window. It withstands repeated blows, and when destroyed it does not crumble into small fragments. As mentioned earlier, the aluminum profile is strong enough to withstand the load of even a four-chamber double-glazed window.


If the windows face south, then you can choose a double-glazed window with colored glass. It will not only save the room from overheating but also create a cozy atmosphere thanks to specific lighting.

Structural features of aluminum windows

Such a window is a complex system that includes a large number of different parts. Smooth running during the opening and closing of the valves is ensured by the presence of special rollers. Between the flaps is a heater that protects against rattling. 


Also, the design provides limiters that do not allow the wings to fall out during gusts of wind. There are special latches to block the window structure, and a drainage system to drain water. The quality of fittings affects the durability, convenience, and reliability of aluminum windows.


Some aluminum windows are supplied with a decorative finish that imitates natural wood. They are more expensive than standard models, but they look more stylish and attractive.

The bottom line

The days when aluminum windows were used only for glazing industrial and warehouse facilities are gone. Today, "warm" profile systems made of "winged" metal have high thermal performance and fully meet the regulatory requirements for energy saving.


"Warm" aluminum windows are widely used for glazing modern energy-efficient homes. Aluminum windows are indispensable in bright and expressive house-building projects with large window openings, panoramic windows, and glass facades. With the help of a "warm" aluminum profile, it is possible to glaze large areas and provide a high level of heat and sound insulation.