Dutch Doors by Hawkeye- Perfectly style your home
Dutch Doors by Hawkeye- Perfectly style your home
Dutch Door and Patio Door

Dutch Doors by Hawkeye- Perfectly style your home

This kind of door was very common in 17th-century Holland, and appears in Dutch paintings from that time. The style variety is not just about how the doors look, either, since this door style can be either framed in glass or in a solid top.
Dutch Door- A trending interior and exterior style
A Dutch Door (sometimes called double-hung or spartan) is one which is divided horizontally at the top, so the top half can be opened, and the bottom part remains closed. A latch holds the top and bottom together, allowing the individual Dutch doors to open and close as one unit if needed. Although it is fused with modern aesthetics with practical classics gives your home a charming touch. Dutch doors are popular for its uniqueness, dual functionality yet practical way to connect indoor and outdoor space. The Dutch-style split-door concept allows for the benefits of two distinct styles of doors in one piece.
With Hawkeye customize doors and windows services for function, you may choose a door that perfectly fits to your home architecture. Today’s demanding energy efficient requirements Hawkeye approach crafting unique double dutch doors balance with modern design concepts. We offer many different Dutch doors, including ones that have solid panels, upper and lower windows, roll-up screens, French-paned glass, steel frame, and a host of other design features and functions. Shop now to get best styles doors. Ask our experts for any query, we are ready to assist you.
Patio Door
Patio doors are sliding glass doors are versatile and functional by design as it slide open while staying flush with your wall impart your backyard, dock or patio a space saving option. However, Patio doors made up of panels of glass that slide open horizontally bring warmth and design flexibility as the most customizable material type.
If you are looking for a stylish way to combine the comfort of your indoor spaces with the beauty of your outdoors, then a Patio Door is an ideal solution. Patio doors are extremely popular today for their wonderful features inside. Similarly it can prove to be immensely beneficial, practical, and aesthetically pleasing when used as external folding doors.
Get a qualified Patio door products from a leading doors and windows manufacturer and suppliers. Hawkeye features state-of-the-art locking system, secure framing, weather seal as well as a full perimeter for security and weather-tightness. You may find inspiration to renovate your home to a palace by choosing our vast range of collections of wood, fiberglass and vinyl sliding patio door selection. Discover more versatile & unique designs speciality of patio doors by discussing with Hawkeye today. Contact us, to know more our services.