How To Choose Swimming Pool Heaters For Your Pool
How To Choose Swimming Pool Heaters For Your Pool
Tips to choose the right swimming pool heater with pros and cons of different types of pool water heaters in Abu Dhabi.

Pros & Cons Of All Pool Heater Types

Winter is around the corner and this is the right time to get the right swimming pool heater. Pool water heating equipment also makes your pools more usable throughout the year. Because there are many deceptive warm days when the pool waters are colder than expected. Buying a heater is a crucial decision. And you need to know about the different types and their pros and cons. 

This post brings you an excellent piece of information for pool owners. It not only tells you about different pool heaters but also tips to choose the right one. Also, the approximate cost and pros and cons of different types are elaborated. If you are going to buy it for the first time, this information is very important. Because your buying decision should be based on different factors. Not every heater is right for your pool and your needs.

Swimming Pool Heater Types & Their Benefits

Here are the different types of heaters to make your pool available in any season. 

Electric Pool Heaters

If you are going to use them only for short intervals, this is the best option. They heat up the pool water quickly compared to other options. The initial cost of installing pool heaters is low but the operating cost is high. The heater also requires maintenance at regular intervals of time. Certain advanced models give you noiseless operation.


Benefits of Electric Pool Heaters


  • Low maintenance cost

  • Easy to install and operate

  • Average heating time

  • Uses electricity and hence no fuel required

Electric Heat Cool Pump

A swimming pool heat cool pump in Abu Dhabi is a sustainable way to warm up the pool water. If maintained properly, they would last for 10 to 20 years. This option is ideal for you if you are located in warmer climates. Or when you are using your pool in warm weather. Because the ambient temperature should be around 45 or more than that. These pumps work efficiently with inground pools as well as above-ground pools. The installation cost is higher for these heaters but the operating costs are low.


Pros Of Heat Cool Pumps


  • High energy efficiency

  • Affordable option

  • Higher durability

  • Eco-friendly

Gas Heaters For Swimming Pools

These heaters use natural gas or propane for heating the pool water. It quickly warms up the water and is hence great for colder regions. If you have hectic schedules and do not want a long wait time, this is the best option. The disadvantage of gas heaters is their cost. They are costly compared to other electric heaters and heat cool pumps. The initial cost as well as the operating costs are higher. But if you are not using them during summer, you can still go for these heaters. Also, it depends upon the availability and cost of fuel in your location.


Benefits of Choosing Gas Pool Heaters


  • Low waiting time

  • Low emissions

  • Higher affordability

  • Great for large pools

Solar Pool Heaters

Solar panels are very popular today. The panels absorb heat from the sun and the energy is transferred to the pool water. The initial cost is higher but this is the most eco-friendly way to heat up the pool water. If you do not mind waiting to get the pool water warm, this is ideal for you. Apart from plenty of sunlight, you would also require good space for installing glass panels. Generally, they are installed on the terrace or roofs. 


Benefits of Choosing Solar Pool Heaters


  • Great for warm climates

  • Better energy efficiency

  • Eco-friendly option

  • Higher durability 

How To Choose A Perfect Swimming Pool Heater in Abu Dhabi

Every type of heater has certain pros and cons. The right pool heater type depends upon your individual needs. Consider numerous factors like budget for initial investment, your needs, and the layout of your swimming pool.


Pool Type and Pool Size


Generally, your swimming pool contractors would help you to figure this out. The above-ground swimming pools require powerful heaters. And hence they need electric and gas heaters. The manufacturers also indicate if the heater is more suitable for certain pool types. But some heaters are good for both pools. Large pools require gas heaters or solar heaters. The pool area is always used to determine the right kind of heater.


Investment and Operating Cost


Solar heaters are a very effective and the most eco-friendly solution. While the initial investment is more, the maintenance is low. And the initial cost will be paid off in 2-3 years. The solar heaters are also ideal considering the warm climate of Abu Dhabi. Gas heaters have low initial costs but high operating costs. You will have to rely on fuel availability and high fuel prices will increase the heating cost.

Electric pool heaters are the most popular way to heat the pool water. And they do not produce emissions and are less expensive than gas heaters. The only downside is the higher energy bills. Heat pump neither requires high initial cost nor high operating cost. Do not just judge the heater by the initial cost, also consider the maintenance and operating costs. 


Time Taken For Heating Up


Gas heaters are the fastest while solar heaters are the most sluggish. Heat pumps are also great for warmer climates as they collect heat from the outside. Hence they will allow you to swim in any season. But it requires time to get your pool water at the right temperature. If you are always in a rush, it would be better to go for gas heaters. For hot tubs and spas, gas heaters are the best. If you are using your pool occasionally and do not mind high utility bills, electric pool heaters are great for you. For any average pool size, gas heaters and heat cool pumps are great.  


Take some time and observe your budget, climatic conditions, and requirements. It will help you to choose the pool heater wisely. Regardless of the type, they are great for extending your swimming season. Also, you will never turn away from your pool because the water is hot or cold for you. Different types of pool equipment in Abu Dhabi are available today to enhance the use of your pools. Make the best use of them to enjoy swimming and splashing in your pool year-round.