Tips and Home Remedies to Overcome Cold and Cough in Monsoon
Tips and Home Remedies to Overcome Cold and Cough in Monsoon
Monsoon season is characterized by sudden shifts in temperature that occur every time, leading to a higher possibility of viral illnesses, sore throats as well as colds, and coughs.

The year ahead is the same with one exception. Dietician and Nutritionist recommend that You can use natural remedies to treat coughs and colds as well as boost your immunity.

Let’s find out what these life-altering health benefits of monsoons are.


  • Drink the Monsoon Herbal Tea

A tried and true Addlife treatment is this drink made of herbs to help you through this monsoon time. It is packed with all the herbs and spices needed to combat viruses, decrease inflammation, increase immunity and keep cough and cold low.

This recipe can be described as straightforward as it gets. You’ll need 10 tulsi leaves, 1 inch of dry ginger that has been crushed or esth one inch of mulethi, or liquorice 1 laung or clove, and 2 black peppers crushed or Kali mirch.

Combine all five of these ingredients into 1 1/2 cups of water. Boil it until it is reduced to a half. After that, strain it and drink it at least once every day. To give a sweet flavor to your tea, you may also add dhage wali mishri into the tea after you have strained it.

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