Ways to make your candle boxes durable for the best customer experience?
Ways to make your candle boxes durable for the best customer experience?
Do you want to make your candle packaging durable that offer the best user experience? Then you must read this article.

Ways to make your candle boxes durable for the best customer experience:

No one denies the significance of candles; it has their own sensation and peaceful vibes. A lot of events are filled with happiness and life when we have candles light in our surroundings. It shows the demand for the candles do not fall down and still have their own place in our life. These candles are packed in two types of cases: premade and custom candle boxes. Such candle boxes are customized in various styles, shapes, designs, color combinations, and many other aspects. 

Why do you need to make durable candle boxes?


It is mandatory for candle suppliers to use the best and durable packaging solution for various reasons. Sometimes, candles face problems of melting, breaking, and de-shaping. All things are done due to using low-quality packaging that easily damages from minor mishandling and breaks the inside products. So, let's see how you can make your candle packaging firm and strong. 

Choose rigid and corrugated cardstock for candle packaging


Our first tactic is to choose corrugated and rigid cardstock for your candle packaging boxes. Both cardstocks are durable and best to pack heavy-weight products. Rigid cardstock is best to provide a sleek and premium touch to your candle cartons. Such material is made from compressing several layers of cardboard and transferring them in rigid cardstock. You can also use Kraft instead of cardboard. 

On the other hand, corrugated consist of zigzag flutes that are sandwiched in the two paperboard liners. The flutes decide the durability of your products so, choose the highest and thickest flutes for candle packaging. You can use many other options on corrugated and rigid to make them engaging as per your choice. But by using this cardstock, you never get any customer complaint regarding breaking candles. 

Used tray and insert in candle cases


The utilization tray and insert in the candle cases is another to ship your candle to your customer’s hands without damage. Therefore, as a candle supplier, you can add cardboard and PVC plastic trays and partitions in candle box packaging to provide full-fledged protection. Such a tray and partition can be made by providing customized sizes according to your candle's demand. 

Pick the style of candle box cautiously 


As you know, candle boxes have innumerable options to choose styles and shapes. So, you need to pick a candle box cautiously that has a strong locking system and bear the weight of your inside candle. You can choose different styles and shades for custom candle boxes wholesale.  

  • Sleeve candle boxes 

  • 1-piece candle boxes 

  • 2-piece candle boxes 

  • Auto bottom candle boxes 

  • Flower-shaped top closure candle box 

  • Cylindrical candle box 

You can choose any style from the styles mentioned above, and go ahead to ask your candle packaging supplier for more customized styles. Such styles are durable to bear the weight of your candles easily. 

Apply UV coating and lamination 


In high temperatures, your candles start melting, and sometimes moisture also affects them. In this regard, you can use UV coatings and lamination on custom-printed candle boxes to present all these effects. The use of UV coatings and lamination protects your inside product from damaging effects. 

Wrap a discussionapping :

The gist of the earlier discussion is to explain the ways that you can use to increase the durability of your candle packaging and make them perfect for standing out in the clusters of competitors. Thus, you chose a strong candle packaging style, used trays and inserts, applied UV coatings, and used rigid cardstock. Now it’s your time to make them elegant and robust candle boxes