To Prevent Osteoporosis: Diet, Nutrition and Lifestyle Tips
To Prevent Osteoporosis: Diet, Nutrition and Lifestyle Tips
Getting old is inevitable. All of us will get old and weak one day or the other. While it is quite impossible to prevent ageing and weakening of the body, you can certainly prevent your bones from becoming fragile. If you are wondering how you can do that, then you have come to the right place.

Let’s Know About Osteoporosis?

We are focussing on one of the most prevalent bone diseases, osteoporosis. It is a disease in which the bones lose their strength and density, making the skeletal system weak and fragile. When we say osteoporosis makes your bones weak, we mean that even a minor blow can cause a fracture. Yes, we know it sounds scary, but don’t you worry! The keys to prevent and even reverse osteoporosis are nutrition and lifestyle changes tips by Dietician in India, Luna Jaiswal.

Say Goodbye to Osteoporosis With A Healthy Diet!

One of the leading causes of osteoporosis is calcium deficiency. Therefore, the best way to prevent this disease is by eating a calcium-rich diet. And since calcium cannot be absorbed without Vitamin D, you also need to ensure enough intake of Vitamin D in your body.    

  • Now, we all know that milk and milk products are the best sources of calcium. However, what most people do not know is that many other food items are also highly rich in calcium, such as ragi, makhana, moth beans, chickpeas, fig and til.

Addlife Tip:

Rai or mustard seeds contain high levels of calcium and are one of the best bone-strengthening foods. At Addlife, we recommend including at least one teaspoon of rai in your diet every day. You can simply add it in oil before putting in your veggies.

  • When we talk about milk products, we often miss the most nutritious milk product of all time, Chenna. At Addlife, we believe that Chenna is a superfood with the highest bioavailability for vegetarians. So, you must include Chenna in your diet for stronger bones. Make a Chenna bowl with jaggery, honey, misri or chopped fruits and enjoy as an evening snack. You can also make delicious Chenna sandwiches and tikkis for your breakfast.
  • Now, what do we do about Vitamin D? The best source of Vitamin D is none other than the sun. Sun exposure every day can replenish the levels of Vitamin D in your body and make your bones stronger. 

Addlife Tip:

Massage your body with sesame oil every day. Then, wear cotton clothes and sit in the sun or sunshade for 20 minutes to absorb Vitamin D. The best time to do this practice is between 7-9 am and 4-5 pm.

Did You Know These Nutrition Facts About Osteoporosis?

  • Should you eat fibres? Yes, you must eat fibres. They are essential for your digestion. However, too much fibre does not let your body absorb calcium. Therefore, eat a healthy amount of fibre, but do not overload your diet with it.
  • Is water good for bones? Yes, of course, but too much water also prevents the absorption of calcium. Therefore, we at Addlife, often talk about euhydration, which is the normal level of hydration that your body requires. 
  • Not every food combination is healthy! Do not eat foods rich in oxalic acid with foods that have calcium in them. They tend to inhibit the absorption of calcium in the body. Some of these food combinations are:
  • Milk + Coffee: Coffee has oxalic acid, and milk has calcium. These two products, if taken together, will prevent the absorption of calcium and lead to the formation of calcium oxalate stones. 
  • Spinach + Tomatoes: One of the most eaten food combinations is actually highly devastating for your bone health. Spinach has calcium, and tomatoes are rich in oxalic acid. Therefore, these two foods should never be eaten together.

A Lifestyle Tip To Prevent Osteoporosis:

Correcting your lifestyle is essential if you wish to prevent or cure your osteoporosis. At Addlife, we recommend all our readers and patients to do weight-bearing exercises, such as dancing, hiking, strength training, jogging, etc., to make their bones strong and less fragile. Let your bones work against gravity!

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